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Take the twin double chromosphere award because of a number of poor happy – for the Sohu in October 27, 2016, Mr. Wang (a pseudonym), is a very memorable day of jubilation in life: he got a twin. Wow! Got a twin, how happy it is! Why can’t you be happy? Is it two daughters? Value the male child only! No None of them! What’s the reason? Listen to me slowly.   October 27th afternoon, the sky with rain, coincides with Sunday, is Shuangse Qiu 2016126 days as usual, Mr. Wang came to Shanxian County 37172530 lottery betting station to buy double chromosphere, look at him for a while to Shuangseqiu lottery distribution map, and then hit a 2 times Shuangseqiu 8+1 double votes. The salesman told Mr. Wang, now Shuangseqiu lottery center and the provincial centers are engaged in promotional activities, buy a duplex may have 15 million awards. Mr. Wang thought for a moment and said, "no, just another one." Then, Mr. Wang also played a 2 times Shuangseqiu 9+1 double votes, to choose what blue, Mr. Wang said: "in October to engage in activities, on the election of 10. Don’t! Don’t give me my lucky number is 12, also choose the 12." Salesman said, this is almost a prize. Mr. Wang said happily: "thank you to say tomorrow, if I give you the grand prize in buying large firecrackers to celebrate!" Mr. Wang took two tickets to play good kanleyihui after some consideration, and hit a 2 times Shuangseqiu 9+1 double votes, election or 12 Blue ball. The current Shuangseqiu red ball out of number 02, 06, 12, 17, 18, 19, blue ball number 10, Mr. Wang in the two optional double prize 2 note, a single injection of 141981 yuan prize. At present, Shuangseqiu 900 million yuan to send prize is when multiple bets of up to 15 million single note first prize. If Mr. Wang was selected 10 blue ball, then the first prize of the compound betting bonus of $15000000 (including faction award of $5000000), if the note was in the two, that is, unfortunately, Mr. Wang and the first prize pass by. 12-2=? 10! Pupils can blurt out, and for the color of the friends of Mr. Wang is 30 million yuan. No wonder Mr. Wang won two prize in the two note the double chromosphere, but how can not be happy.相关的主题文章: