Taiyuan social capital pension institutions to build up the maximum 9000 yuan per bed-drop dead diva

Taiyuan: social capital construction pension institutions per bed to fill up 9000 yuan – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Taiyuan November 5th news (reporter Ma Xiaoyuan) issued the "Interim Measures" of the people of Taiyuan Office of pension institutions construction and operation management of Taiyuan municipal government subsidies before the future social capital investment in the construction of pension institutions, each bed subsidies of up to 9000 yuan. The way to clear the non-profit pension institutions of social capital investment, according to the standard 9000 yuan per bed forming property to give a one-time subsidies for the construction, has not formed the 5000 yuan per bed grants property; according to the actual operating beds which hold the elderly, according to self-care, self-care, half can not take care of elderly three categories each month, the beds were given 100 yuan, 150 yuan, 200 yuan of operating subsidies. The for-profit pension institutions of social capital investment, on the basis of the formation of property rights were given 4500 yuan per bed and 2500 yuan of one-time construction subsidies; operating subsidies refer to non-profit pension institutions operating subsidy standards by the executive. Taiyuan City Civil Affairs Department will be responsible to organize the relevant experts or entrust the third party professional organizations to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the pension agency personnel, facilities, service, management, reputation, subsidies etc.. The results of the assessment of external publicity, and as a timely adjustment of the subsidy standards, methods and evaluation basis.相关的主题文章: