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Taiwan man to save the cockroaches cuts Cleaner: Sohu News Reference News Network reported on September 14th foreign media it is life – say, a religious man in Taiwan, in order to save the cockroach mosquito, with a positive attack ditch cleaner with spraying insecticide. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website on September 13th citing Hongkong "Ming Pao" reported that the Hongkong film "Tang Bohu scholar", actor Stephen Chow said the cockroach is his pet, and the name "Jack"; when "Jack" was set after the death of his heartbreak. In reality, a religious man in Taiwan, come to save the cockroaches, mosquitoes and other small animal attacks, saws, positive ditch sprinkling sprayed cleaner, hit his arm. Reported that the man surnamed Yu, 23 years old, after the hospital diagnosis, confirmed mental retardation, and depression and other psychological problems. On the afternoon of March 29th this year, the Environmental Protection Bureau in the Taipei area? Woods denggi disinfection work, a cleaner with Huang sprayer, spraying pesticides to the ditch. Religious tour seeing, think will make the mosquito mice and other small animal deaths, shouting "cockroach is life", then use the saw Huang attacks cleaner, his wrist fractures, tendon rupture. Swim to the spray machine then split more than and 10. Tour in the court argued that the equality of all beings, referring to the time just want to play the spray machine, in order to avoid the death of mosquitoes and other organisms. In the tour accompanied by his son mother also pointed out that the son taught from childhood to care for the animal, and his son on the road to see the dead cats and dogs, will worship to cover. She said that his son in the case of two days before the job is not smooth, depressed mood, because the sound of disinfection, will suddenly make too much action. Reported that, after the tour reached a settlement with the injured, in accordance with the crime of obstruction of public service was sentenced to prison for 7 months, but suspended for two years, but also to the medical institutions to receive psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling.相关的主题文章: