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[tactical board] master bianzhao Manchester derby is the tactical master show [] battlefield 1-2 Manchester City de bruyne broke Ibrahimovic sports news September 10th when the main Tencent can be good at the ball opponent with breathtaking offensive swept, when our starting lineup nearly half offensive player state of struggle, when the first half ended yet behind the 2 ball defense and crumbling, how, what the danger of the team can do? Mourinho’s answer is to use the easy side on the occasion of the successive substitutions evolutions and help the team to reverse the decline, although ultimately did not like the previous guest KC stadium to recreate the Ferguson time, but to force Guardiola’s team at the last moment to save completely holed up in the regression result, Manchester United is the biggest harvest magic team spirit. [the war: four adjustment, Mourinho win Guardiola] with the courage to reshuffle a new round of capital and talent, the Manchester Derby decided to once again become the Premier League trend of the peak of the war. Hundreds of millions of pounds to build the team funds brought a huge lineup of reinforcements for two, two world class coach to join the two sides in the competition for the European competition tactics when the commanding heights of the more intense, the two Manchester City Derby is tactical battle of wits, is between the two football style. Relatively neat follows the United squad three wins during the 4231 formation, the completion of key assists in Hull’s defeat in a war in the city of Rooney still appear in the lineup, M F Kobita Liang in a row after the bench finally get the opportunity to start, the Armenians replaced the previous performance struggle of Marshall. Instead of starting lingard Mata is another big Mourinho’s campaign to recruit more young, the running ability and defense support ability, can form a better protection of the defense and bogeba, Fellaini, his appearance conveys the signal of solid defense. Manchester (data) on beyond all expectations to give up speculation by the media has long been no front array, renewed the nocchio Izzy before the season ushered in the occupation career the most exciting challenge this season for the first time to enter the list of the new arrivals down by Guardiola for FLAC, for much new aid Bravo into the starting. The negative influence brought Aguero out to repair in a short period of time, Guardiola in the new matrix has not yet been running in forming the case gave up no front array difficult test. The first win over Sunderland to Guardiola aware of David Silva’s value, the Spaniards regain command for the blue moon brings the number of victory in the Champions League playoff. As Manchester City’s attacking players only David – Silva has the ability to continue operating the core area, Manchester United can limit the play of the Spaniards will become the key to determine the final trend. [oppression led to a lack of the ball, the main problem of their first three games in Manchester] exposed edge guard is lack of homing anti oppression front link, with Ibrahimovic and Rooney as the representative of the offensive player is very difficult to guarantee high closing down the arrival rate and the continuity, the team can only be greatly moved forward to the implementation of the whole system the second attack, or seek to rely on the center axle counter attack defense in depth. If the opponent can play both the width and speed of the attack in the transition of the moment, only bogeba, Fellaini)相关的主题文章: