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Business Start strong on Monday if you want better sales results at the end of the week on Friday. Here are 11 practical sales tips: 1. Set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier every Monday morning. It’s a great way to start a week of selling. 2. Back your car into your garage every Sunday night. You’ll begin every Monday morning headed in the right direction. 3. Begin the new week with a written priority to do list (Your six-pack). Focus on getting the most important things done first – like prospecting for new business. 4. Set (in writing) defined objectives for every sales call – every sales call. Your customers can tell when your winging it. 5. Attempt to obtain at least one customer .mitment for every sales call. You’re more likely to do this on Tuesday if you begin doing it on Monday. 6. Make two proactive telephone sales calls to prospects. Make it a personal priority to prospect everyday starting Monday mornings. 7. Send a handwritten or e-mail follow-up to every key sales contact you see on Monday. Set a personal standard to write a minimum of five handwritten notes everyday. The tough part is getting started. Once you form the habit, it’s a no-brainer to maintain. 8. Take a quick refresher break. Fifteen minutes at lunch will suffice. Use the break to discharge any stress and tension and to recharge your focus and effort. Read, pray, or take deep breaths – do something to restore your energy. 9. At the end of the day add up your results for the day. Quantifiable sales results are the measurement, not how hard you worked. Specifically, what did you ac.plish? How many sales did you close? Ask yourself what could you have done better. Obviously you should then do it better on Tuesday. 10. Make someone laugh and help someone out during the day. They will feel better and so will you. 11. Assume you’re on death’s doorstep. The only way off is 30 minutes of (any type) exercise. It will reduce your stress and may even delay your demise. Perfect sales days aren’t born they’re made. Use these ideas to make every selling day a masterpiece. F.et T.G.I.F. – think T.G.I.M. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: