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"Sweetheart" Wong Cho Lam Zhang Shaogang help! Zhang Han and then throw the burden of Sina entertainment news Hunan TV large girl group show "summer sweetheart" Ninth program will be officially unveiled at ten tonight! Brother, sweetheart to usher in very good eloquence duel, gifted "variety" geek "Wong Cho Lam" micro-blog "and" sharp "King Zhang Shaogang to help out," good things will be recommended "," listen to my brother "," shout honey "set bursting point and detonation point in one of the links is followed, in the evening, a color value and eloquence of the contest is being kicked off! Wong Cho Lam and Zhang Shaogang fit power "variety geeks" with the "chemistry sharp king" gas spirit of "comprehensive mining sweetheart variety potential" purpose, Hunan satellite TV, "summer sweetheart" into the mysterious X+ mode, with Zhao Zhongxiang [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Jacky Wu, Chen Xuedong, Yi Xi smelt one thousand [micro-blog] others have appeared lift netizen discussion upsurge, will debut tonight show, the variety of feeling overwhelmed Wong Cho Lam, and knowledge is very broad and sharp Oprah Zhang Shaogang join hands with the help of honey, a humor funny geek is a set of academic and rich practical experience in a "sharp king" between two people will wipe out what kind of spark? In the face of "who is the king of eloquence" game rules, Wong Cho Lam said "show the history of the most boring live" hand, constantly on the move brush but let brother have dumbfounded, "only a nose no face", "not only the lightning contours of the interesting features of the portrait of a show, in addition to Zhang Han [micro-blog this small fans call seconds]" terrible ", always together with erratic Wowkie Zhang minutes were impressed, will sing and dance, but also good at imitating God Wong Cho Lam, show up great art appearance, you have seen? As an important variety of guests open class, Zhang Shaogang not only in the field to share the host cheats, awe with super aura, is to let the scene minutes became king of the stage ", the theme let live debate is ture sweetheart. Secondly, Zhang Shaogang actually took a brother began to talk about" that is more than "tears of blood and tears are all immersed in the history, but a variety of tear story, Zhang Shaogang suddenly said" ten years. "[micro-blog] and Li Weijia, frightened clueless Li Weijia. Brother Qi met the "elephant nose" created by Zhang Han "Voldemort blindfolded kill", Bosco Wong has been looking for a sense of direction [micro-blog] Meng circle as the learning process of the sweetheart "leader" and "power", Li Weijia, Bosco Wong, Wowkie Zhang, Zhang Han, Zhang [micro-blog] has five brothers in the course of the game, the task the shoulders of the nature is more and more heavy, how can let the honey in the course of the game, get the maximum improvement and learning in "eloquence", is a common problem faced by brother. It has always been a "overbearing president" image shows Zhang Han, in the part of the game was once again the burden idol runaways, challenge blindfolded, hand pinch nose of circles is not fun, even the slightest regardless of personal image, with honey "to the left" John’s brother, John’s brother to the right "instructions, right and left a slow motion does not stop crawling on all fours, huochu)相关的主题文章: