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Swedish prosecutors questioned the Wikileaks founder Assange or DNA- Sohu news agency news gathering in Beijing in November 14 – comprehensive news: Wikileaks founder Assange rapes new progress in suspense. Swedish prosecutors 14 local time in Ecuador’s ambassador to the British Museum of A-Sun Qi launched the inquiry, an important step for A-Sun to odd criminal proceedings. The Agence France-Presse reported on the morning of 14, in Sweden’s chief prosecutor Ingrid Ismail? Glen and the Swedish police investigators witness, a Ecuador prosecutor, according to the Swedish prosecutors problems, conducted on the Assange inquiry. Lawyer Assange was quoted as saying that the inquiry is expected to continue for several days, such as during the consent of Assange, the Swedish prosecutors will also collect a sample of his DNA. To the end of inquiry, Ecuador will submit a detailed report to the Swedish prosecutors questioned. In November 2010, A-Sun in the UK by odd hiding exposure WikiLeaks massive U.S. military and diplomatic power on the occasion, the Swedish prosecutors accused Assange during the alleged sexual assault and rape of two women in August of that year to stay in Sweden, which Assange vehemently denied, claiming that some allegations were "for political purposes". In December 2010, Assange offered to the British police; in May 2012, Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that Assange will stand trial in Sweden extradition. A month later, fearing that the Swedish authorities would extradite him to the United States, Assange, who was released on bail, entered the British Embassy in Ecuador to seek political asylum, and has so far been hiding in the Ecuador embassy. In August 2015, A-Sun resorted to odd procrastinate, due to limitation of the Swedish prosecutors on sexual harassment allegations, Assange escaped, but the rape charges the heaviest penalty, the limitation of action until August 2020, when Assange was extradited if Sweden tried and convicted, most can be sentenced to 4 years in prison. According to Swedish law, prosecutors filed to launch inquiry to suspect criminal proceedings before. Because Assange hiding in Ecuador Embassy in the UK, the Swedish prosecutors of A-Sun Qi "reluctantly"; in March 2015, seeing the sexual assault case dragged on, the Swedish prosecutors were forced to give up Assange back to Sweden’s position information, agreed to go to the Ecuador Embassy in Britain asked news A-Sun qi. During the period of hiding in Ecuador Embassy in the UK, Assange sits behind, using the "WikiLeaks" website sensitive confidential documents, including the United States this year on the eve of the election, "WikiLeaks" published on the website of tens of thousands of emails of the Democratic National Committee and President Hilary’s campaign team, once again led to a public a great disturbance. (end)相关的主题文章: