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Super League football: ending the fire worse local players to league color – Sports Sohu in October 31, 2016, 2016 Super League season ended, Hengda six crown King Road extension, Greentown, Yongchang fell into the relegation League regret. The title still belongs to Hengda, in order to achieve 6 consecutive league titles, and their final record in the League 19 wins 7 flat 4 negative. As for the allocation of places in the AFC Champions League, Jiangsu Suning to 17 wins 6 flat 7 negative lock League runner up, the Hong Kong Shanghai record to 14 wins 10 flat 6 negative to get the runner up, Shanghai Shenhua with 12 wins, 12 draws and 6 losses record got up. In the shooter list, is still the world’s foreign aid. The GalAT in foreign aid Hengda 19 league goals this season, won the super best shooter. The other player to score 14 goals in as many as 4 people, respectively, on Hong Kong Liaozu James, Wu Lei, Alan, Hengda Shenhua Ba, the four tied for second. As for Yatai striker Luo Ze scored 13 goals in Morey, scorer in third. Wu Lei scored 14 goals in the last 30 games and was the only goal in the country to reach the top of the two. Assists in the list, there are a number of assists two players reached 12 times, is a Hong Kong foreign aid El Kessen, another is the popular international Gao Lin. In addition to the Egyptian god and Gao Lin, no players can reach two assists. While aierkesen and Gao Lin also to become season assists. Downgrade list, Greentown and Yongchang became a bad egg". The twenty-ninth round of the season, Yongchang in the first round after the loss of a downgrade, and their final record after the end of the season was a record of 7 wins, 9 draws and 14 losses. As for Greentown, they suddenly dropped in a good situation, and finally after the end of the round downgrade. Super League this year, unusually hot, and has the rights to sell 8 billion sky sports broadcast rights, at the same time the League foreign aid level has greatly improved, and the hulk and Paley have landed in ba. The domestic market is unusually hot at the same time is inversely proportional to the Orangemen in the round of twelve bad, four points scored zero wins. Orangemen lost to replace the coach in Uzbekistan, ushered in the big Lippi away domestic coach Gao Hongbo, wages have risen 100 fold to 20 million euros. It is not difficult to imagine, the effect did not affect the domestic league football hot to bring the country full results, may say that progress into the twelve season, but we saw after the draw will have their own team to understand this truth, "go". Not in the league’s popular foot scores rise, China football level or the limitations of the local weak national football scores. Just now China is described may spoil things by excessive enthusiasm for football situation, maybe Lippi is a good coach, but not necessarily a good farmer, this is not good for Chinese.相关的主题文章: