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Suffering from intraspinal tumor surgery, what time? – when you will often encounter back, neck pain and healthy life in the Sohu, part of modern people and unhealthy lifestyle, there is one reason why the lesions produced, some patients with intraspinal tumors need as soon as possible to the relevant hospital department of neurosurgery for surgical treatment, but in the end what when the surgery is the best choice for clinical, many patients play a big question mark in my heart. Jia Dong of The Fourth Military Medical University in the Department of Neurosurgery of Tangdu Hospital ward five clinical director explained: some diseases can wait a few months before surgery, a patient can at this time to adjust their physical condition and mental state, this time on the other hand, waiting will not made rapid progress in this disease, surgery is elective surgery. Most of the intraspinal tumors grow slowly and can be scheduled for surgery. A small number of tumors, especially malignant tumors, once the need for surgery, it is necessary to be admitted as soon as possible. In order to avoid progress over time, more and more serious tumor. In general, the malignant glioma, spinal metastatic tumor, lymphoma, to surgical treatment as soon as possible, there are already a part of growth of relatively large tumors, has caused nerve injury, should surgery as soon as possible to prevent more serious symptoms. Other benign or slow growth of the tumor, elective surgery, but can not delay surgery. For children, it is necessary to perform the surgery as early as possible in order to prevent the tumor from causing permanent nerve damage and affect the growth and development of the child. And if the child’s nerve function damage is not very serious, you can choose a child’s physical fitness or better able to tolerate surgery trauma surgery. In short, on the one hand dysneuria more light, the better effect of surgery; patients with preoperative neurologic injury has been serious, because there is neuron injury or necrosis after regeneration, so organic damage to nerve tissue is difficult to recover, and the operation was remission, unable to repair the injury. The nerve. On the other hand, but also in patients with good physical quality, adequate nutrition in the operation, to ensure the safety of surgery. Jia director reminder: Patients after surgery can be decided, took the examination data and image related science film, consult a doctor for surgery, the doctor can determine after surgery, will give patients hospitalized, patients also need to wait for a period of weeks or beds, a few months are likely to.相关的主题文章: