Strengthen national unity and progress promote the coordinated development of urban and rural

  to strengthen national unity and progress; to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas — Inner Mongolia channel, October 5th, autonomous region Party Secretary Li Jiheng depth Chifeng Songshan District is thriving modern agriculture and rural tourism demonstration park, see vegetables growing in vegetable greenhouses and farmers to understand the production and operation. Photo by Yuan Yonghong on October 4th to 6, autonomous region Party Secretary Li Jiheng to Tongliao City, Chifeng city survey, on-the-spot observation of key industries and key enterprises, in-depth understanding of agriculture and animal husbandry, ecological construction and grass-roots party building, visit condolences to the masses. He stressed the need to deeply understand the important status of ethnic work in Inner Mongolia in the global, cherish their own eyes, like caring for national unity, like cherish his life as cherished national unity, efforts to increase urban and rural development, and actively promote the new urbanization and modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry, promote the common prosperity of urban and rural areas. New urbanization and modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry is an important part of Li Jiheng’s research. He inspected the Tongliao City Liaohe Park Chifeng, Southern Railway shantytowns project site, two, adhere to the people-oriented, to further strengthen the city planning and construction management, creating an ecological, livable, industry of the charm of the city. Li Jiheng deeply Kezuozhongqi 400 thousand acres of contiguous corn under mulch drip irrigation project area, a modern agriculture and rural tourism demonstration park, the development of agricultural facilities to understand. He stressed that we must resolutely implement the most stringent farmland and grassland protection system, based on resources, vigorously develop agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization, support the growth of enterprises, accelerate the construction of an important national production base of green agricultural and livestock products. Li Jiheng is very concerned about the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of the two cities. He came to the Hongshan logistics park, color zinc limited visit, stressed that all departments at all levels should throw themselves, do solid work, strengthen the supply side structural reform, continue to promote the quality and efficiency of traditional industries, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries and modern service industry, to build a new pattern of industrial development. At the Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities Museum of Mongolian medicine and Mongolian medicine research and development engineering laboratory, Li Jiheng listened to the relevant report. He stressed that to fully exploit the Mongolian medicine of the national treasure, determined to run Key Laboratory, deepen research cooperation, strengthen innovation driven, market driven, the Mongolian medicine bigger and stronger, for the benefit of the people of all ethnic groups. Li Jiheng came to Chifeng filial piety manor cultural tourism area, walked into the museum, on the Ailega Hao Yan found the villagers Wu Liujin home run farmhouse, examine the development of cultural tourism industry. He stressed that to highlight the geographical and cultural characteristics, establish the concept of global tourism, Tongliao and Chifeng to fight for the Beijing Tianjin Hebei, and even the Northeast important domestic and foreign leisure tourism destination. Roshow company in the city of Tongliao on the Meihua Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Bourne, Chifeng city land sky Chemical Co. Ltd., said Li Jiheng, these projects are through investment to introduce. Practice has proved that investment is the "barometer" of regional economic development, is an effective measure to promote economic and social development and the only way. All localities should increase investment, deepen reform, improve service efficiency and quality, and strive to create a first-class business environment, the introduction of foreign investment相关的主题文章: