South Korean television will remake of the Peter Chan classic film sweet honey – Entertainment

South Korean television will remake of the Peter Chan classic film "sweet honey" – Entertainment Sohu Peter Chan classic "sweet honey" (source: network time) on Friday, South Korea’s LYD studios announced that the Hongkong director Peter Chan’s classic film "sweet honey" by South Korean television adapted into a TV series. This fully reflects the scarcity of IP film and television entertainment industry in asia. Peter Chan’s 1996 film tells the story of a two – year – old man who went to Hongkong to make a living by dawn and Maggie Cheung. The Korean version will be adapted into a North Korean Chinese Korean man and a smart and ambitious woman who wants to live a better life in the big city of Seoul. The show will be released by Warner Brothers International Television productions. LYD studio CEO, said: "we have been concerned about the IP for many years, very pleased to be able to develop the project to the Korean market. The original film is a very representative story, the restart version will be able to resonate in contemporary Korean audience theme." LYD studio is committed to making the international IP Korean drama, as well as international partners and the production of Korean projects. In addition to the remake of "sweet honey", and also LYD studio and Fawkes LETV network group, the Chinese popular network drama "Princess promotion" a remake of the Korean version.相关的主题文章: Guangxi CPPCC Standing Committee of children is a non double – Sohu news-remonstrate

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