South Korea set up a watch in the League of Champions

South Korea set up regular League North American European League watch pioneer plan "watch" pioneer in South Korea since its launch, has made no small influence, recently, CJ E& M of the tournament’s OGN is board announced the establishment of "watch" pioneer League — Overwatch APEX. The league is expected to include 28 teams, confirmed by the official blizzard, the game will be officially launched in October 7th, the total prize pool of about 1 million 180 thousand yuan…… Moreover, the move also allows South Korea to become the world’s first set up the "watch vanguard" of the regular league. It is reported that the top league tournament consists of 16 teams consisting of 12 teams, the Corps come from Korea, the number of both online and offline for qualifying round. The remaining 4 places will be invited to participate in North America or Europe teams. Secondary competition consists of 12 semi professional team, the winner can qualify for the top game. As for the commentary, English commentary by the famous DoA and MonteCristo as they had in the OGN commentary "hero alliance" event, also participated in the "hearthstone legend" "StarCraft 2" and "vanity" game commentary. At the same time, North American television channel Turner confirmed that the event will be broadcast. In addition to the above, there is news that North America and Europe, watch vanguard League is also planned, but has not yet announced specific details. So the question is, whether the South Korean players in the "Heroes union", will soon rule the "watch pioneer" arena it. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: