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Babies-Toddler Boys use to understand the process a bit later than girls. Parents who have already a girl as their first issue and later have a male child as their second issue should be very caring and must not .pare their new baby boy with their female child in case of potty training . Never let a boy to feel like an alien to the potty training process. Parents can encourage their baby boy by giving him any kind of reward if he can .plete his task properly. Most of the times parents use to face problem like their baby boy does not want to sit to their potty as the baby feels it very monotonous to sit on it for a time. Now parents can get rid of this type of problem as there are a number of amazing products to attract a little heart. These kinds of products are full of fun and adventure. Some products also have musical facilities in them which make the baby feel happy while he is on it. They take the total process as mere fun and .plete task properly. Parents should introduce the way of flushing potty to a baby boy in a playful manner that he gets interest in it and try to imitate it. Train the baby boy in such a way that whenever the need arises, he himself can go to it even from his toddler bed. It is also noteworthy here that parents should always prefer cloth diapers for their baby boy and not disposable diapers. Sometimes you can take the advice of a doctor for this purpose. Parents also make it sure that your baby boy is not going to have a kind of infection while potty training process is going on. To know more about it parents can browse the Inter. or can buy books from the market related to this topic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: