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Elder-Care Some of the children are born disable due to hereditary problems or malnutrition of the mother, and some be.e disable due to different diseases attacking in their early life, for example polio. These children are left behind in the race of progress. Some are fully dependent on their parents and others for even eating and other necessary works of daily routines. At the same time, other people are ignoring them and their disability a cause of shame for them. They remain silent and do not like to talk to others, and like to live alone hiding in their houses and rooms.The Relief India Trust is also a trust for helping children in every field of like. This trust takes it as its responsibility to help the children and provide them all the necessities of life so that they can live their lives free of miseries. Reasons for disability Most of the disabled children living in remote areas do not have the facilities of good hospitals and clinics. It might be possible that their disability is not permanent and can be cured if proper health measures are taken, but as health facilities are not available most of the children do not get the proper attention and the temporary disability due lack to of proper care be.e permanent and goes to advanced stage. If disability like weak legs and arms are diagnosed at an early stage they can be cured if the cause is malnutrition of the mother during pregnancy or the children after birth. Most of the time, the cause is malnutrition and children and parent do not get the proper attention of medical staff and their disability be.e permanent. The Relief India Trust is trying its best to provide the hygienic food and water to the people, especially people living in remote areas who do not get the attention of the government. Free checkup camp facilities As the main cause is malnutrition and other diseases for the disability, and people are unable to have better health facilities due to their own ignorance and lack of facilities. Good health care centers are not available in remote areas and poor people do not have the resources to get treatment by the expensive private hospitals. The Relief India Trust is struggling to provide health facilities in every corner of the country especially in poor areas. This trust arranges the disability checkup camps in rural and slum areas for the regular checkup of children and also the adults and elders. The camp runners target the areas and the people who are in need and do not have the resources to contact the higher health providing authorities. Most of the people are not aware enough to contact the service for help. Professional doctors and medical staff are hired for campaigning and to facilitate the people. This all is possible with the help of other people who believe in this trust and give their donation for the good cause. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: