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Small brain death in a car accident   tearful family donate their organs — Shandong Channel – October 9th, Leping Zhen Qiao Zhen Keng pan Cun Wei Hui Cao Jia Ju Cun Zou Heying, came another wave of sympathy for her. Zou Heying was widowed early, now the son Wang Linyan died of grief, she and her family took the initiative to contact the Red Cross, the son of the donor liver, corneas and other organs. Wang Linyan was born in 1988, the original welders at a company in Shanghai, at the beginning of this year to Jiangsu Kunshan Housing enterprises engaged in intermediary work. This year the Mid Autumn Festival in Hainan, he told a friend of Sanya, the local need of welders, Wang Linyan rushed to Sanya. September 20th 21, Wang Linyan arrived in Sanya from Nantong, ready to negotiate business with customers. Which is less than 10 minutes to the airport, a car hit the foot of Wang Linyan, Wang Linyan was immediately sent to Hospital Affiliated to Nantong University for rescue, was sentenced to brain death. Young life so dead, let the family hardly wished to live. However, shenmingdayi Wang family to discuss, made a decision: donor organs Wang Linyan, Zou Heying and 3 daughters in tears "Chinese human organ donation registration form" solemnly signed. 7 in September 29th, at the age of 02, Wang Linyan stopped beating heart at the age of 28. Experts in a minute of silence, get Wang Linyan’s liver and cornea. Wang Linyan thus became the first to donate organs in the field of Nantong residents, is the youngest organ donor in Nantong. After the removal of Wang Linyan’s liver, was sent to Nanjing Gulou Hospital overnight, the first time for a 60 year old liver failure patients undergoing liver transplantation surgery successfully completed. The afternoon of September 30th, Hospital Affiliated to Nantong University for the implementation of corneal transplantation in two patients. At present, 3 patients recovered well after operation. (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: