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Pakistan cooperation through Pakistan’s largest hydropower tunnel engineering Beijing China News Agency, Yichang, November 11 (Feng Pan Cao Xufeng) reporter 11 from Gezhouba Dam survey and design company was informed that the Pakistani cooperation is the largest in Pakistan "NJ hydropower project" major project — water diversion tunnel on left before all through the project, through the Himalaya Range fault section. NJ hydropower project in Pakistan, the Three Gorges project, said in 2008 began construction, the project total installed capacity of 969 mw. Power generating units in 2018 after all the power generation, the annual generating capacity of about 5 billion 150 million kwh, accounting for Pakistan hydropower generating capacity of 12%, will ease the domestic power shortage in Pakistan, improve people’s livelihood have a significant impact. Among them, the diversion tunnel is the NJ hydropower project, the most critical project, a total length of 67 km, runs through the Himalaya Range fault. In 2008, the water diversion tunnel project by the Gezhouba Dam survey and design company to assume the task of Surveying and construction. It is understood that due to the "NJ hydropower project" the region suffered a strong earthquake, through the depth of 2000 meters in the mountains, all the control points and the owners have great displacement, facing high depth, large deformation, hard and soft rocks and complex geological conditions, is a worldwide problem in tunnel construction. The measurement project director Lei Yong, for the many sharp turns and short side, is not conducive to the precision of control, Chinese technical personnel survey group proposed to the linear triangle lock instead of the conventional double wire measurement, the latest independent wire independent testing techniques such as TBM, to ensure the correctness and reliability of the TBM guide the system, greatly enhance the construction quality and progress of the project. Pakistan Hydropower Development Department officials, owners, engineers and representatives of the supervision, participated in the NJ hydropower project left tunnel through celebration. (end)相关的主题文章: