Sichuan state government quality assessment results released in Mianyang and other 4 cities and coun

Sichuan City, the state government quality assessment results released 4 cities in Mianyang, after nearly half of the examination score for C level – reporter Liu Jia, the provincial quality province Work Leading Group Office (hereinafter referred to as the province office) days ago announced the city state quality assessment of the final results: Chengdu, Luzhou (micro-blog WeChat) 2 assessment results a, Zigong (micro-blog), Meishan (micro-blog), the 15 city of the State Assessment level B, Mianyang (micro-blog), Ganzi (micro-blog), ABA (micro-blog), Ya’an (micro-blog) 4 city state assessment results for C. This is the first time in our province in the name of the provincial government to carry out the quality assessment of the city government. From the end of last year, officially launched in our province for municipalities (state) people’s government every year in terms of quality safety and quality of the development work carried out evaluation, evaluation results are divided into 4 grades, get informed of a city (state) governments, relevant departments will be given priority in funding arrangements for the project area; the system of quality, safety incidents, the quality of work for the D level, the relevant government leading cadres should not participate in the annual awards, awarded the honorary title, the provincial government will also tighten or suspend support for the region the quality awards and policy approval and approval. Assessment of the design details of the 40 evaluation index system will be passed to the quality and efficiency of the basic concept of quality assessment began in mid 2015. At that time, the State Council is the provincial government to carry out second quality assessment. Through the assessment of the baton to guide local governments to strengthen the quality and safety responsibilities, and promote economic and social transformation and upgrading, its role is obvious. As is further promote the quality of the construction of Sichuan, naturally can not fall behind. To successfully promote the provincial government to the city of the state assessment of government work quality, ensure that the assessment results of fair and open, in May last year, the provincial government issued the "Sichuan quality work assessment approach", the province issued the "implementation of the Sichuan office to develop quality assessment work rules", determine the quality objectives, measures, etc. the 3 part, veto not only the list of 40 evaluation index system, clear the 40 assessment indicators interpretation, establish quality evaluation expert database, unified assessment criteria. Check ring ring, close out — from the end of 2015, the 21 city government in accordance with the assessment points and scoring rules to carry out self-examination, self evaluation report to Province Office submitted to the 2015 annual quality work achievements, existing problems and suggestions. In February this year, 30 experts organized all over the province, submitted by the self-assessment report of the audit evaluation, on-site inspection to determine the focus of. After a month, the province office building 10 examination set by the leadership of the head of the Bureau, 21 prefectures, 32 counties (cities, districts) of on-site inspection and questionnaire survey of 93 companies, thousands of copies, on-site verification of the audit priorities, is the collection of public opinion reflect the problems at the same time, the third party evaluation agency, from product quality, project quality, service quality, environmental quality and other fields, to carry out an investigation on the quality of government work satisfaction of residents…… "Field verification, experts who can help us find a lot of piercing eye, usually can not find the problem." Sichuan East City State Quality Supervision Department responsible person said, pointing out a system.相关的主题文章: