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Shenyang last year, the land revenue is only 20%   in 2013; this year for the further reduction of half – real estate — original title: Shenyang since last year, the land revenue was only 20% in 2013 this year for the further reduction of half in 2016, "the most expensive land" appeared in high frequency. But from the perspective of urban distribution, the phenomenon of hot and cold is more prominent. Central Plains real estate research center statistics show that: as of August 22nd, 2016 years, the country has a single case of land more than 1 billion of the land mass of 296. It is "the most expensive land" in Nanjing, the online auction to sell, Shenyang city to the inventory, the supply of land for real estate development scale to implement total control principle, in 2016 the real estate development land supply area of not more than 50% last year. Last year, land revenue dropped in the first half of this year, the Shenyang property market to pick up, commercial housing sales price rose. But according to the release of the "70 Yi City residential inventory report", 2016 June Shenyang city sales ratio (the inventory cycle) for 19.7 months. The reason for the high inventory, as early as in 2015, "daily economic news" has been reported: "only sales no profit? Shenyang property market looming in the National Games "legacy" reporter was ", had actually visited the Shenyang property market, found that Shenbei New Area’s real estate development has entered a" fast track ", and let the National Games Hunnan New District land ahead of overdraft. Take the housing prices will focus on the market, causing the market oversupply. In this context, the government is also in control of land transfer. The "daily economic news" reporter finishing CRIC provided by 2013~2015 in Shenyang city land transfer data, land transactions decreased year by year: 2013 Shenyang city sold 372 pieces of land transactions, covers an area of 21 million 560 thousand square meters, the total turnover of 51 billion 600 million yuan; 2014 turnover of 213, turnover covers an area of 10 million 780 thousand square meters, the total amount of transactions 22 billion 900 million yuan in 2015; as of December 16th, 142 pieces of land transactions, the transaction area of 6 million 490 thousand square meters, the total turnover of 11 billion 100 million yuan. Shen Zheng Ban Fa 2015 No. 63 "General Office of Shenyang Municipal People’s Government on housing sales work notice" pointed out that the housing supply was more obvious, to the period did not reach a reasonable interval, or in the construction of residential land in the size of the district and county (city) suspended land supply plan. Shenyang in 2016 the city’s real estate development land supply area of not more than 50% in 2015. In addition to the large area of commercial housing inventory restrictions to stop until the land supply measures to promote the region as soon as possible to digest inventory. Enjoysmart Institute think tank center data show that Shenyang city land 1~6 in the total turnover of 6 billion yuan. According to the rough estimate of the first half of the annual turnover, in 2016 Shenyang land transfer or 12 billion yuan. Urban construction investment in land leasing and urban infrastructure has been associated? Niu Fengrui, vice president of China Association of Urban Economics相关的主题文章: