Sheenah Song Xiaobao imitation reproduction God; Renqin Carina Lau —

Sheenah Song Xiaobao "  imitation reproduction God; Renqin" Carina Lau — entertainment channel — original title: Sheenah reproduction God imitation, Song Xiaobao "magazine" Carina Lau "we have come to the" open Tengchong green trip Friday night Hunan TV "to" we will come to Yunnan Tengchong, open green journey. In Tengchong, the guests take the driving way, Beihai wetland natural pure let guests relax, interaction of beautiful flowers feast and the fun of the game, so that guests happiness within "idol house", "mystery guest" Song Xiaobao is to bring guests unlimited joy. Song Xiaobao changed the usual funny, the first exposure of the heart comedian Song Xiaobao joined the "we" program, and the stars sat round the table, dinner, changed the usual humorous style, seriously about his journey. Song Xiaobao told her from the bottom slowly start to have no confidence, the past "Errenzhuan" discrimination, difficult process now improved. When it comes to play pieces of experience, Song Xiaobao said that every rehearsal only practiced "six medium", often by surprise is the most wonderful, the classic statement "swallow ah, you can long snacks!" is on the stage of improvisation, but did not expect the most impressive. Song Xiaobao is eager to have a program can not let him really funny, but tell the truth, "we came to realize his heart". "It’s like a dream," he said. Song Xiaobao and "we are here" program, many guests have "origin". Carina Lau has worked in micro-blog drying out of a makeup photos, friends laugh like Song Xiaobao, Song Xiaobao took a picture, saying: "I have relatives, see you later who dare to bully me!" the guests said the picture very much like Tony Leung, Song Xiaobao confidently replied: "many people say that when I seriously like Tony Leung." At the same time, Song Xiaobao also mentioned that Sheenah had been in his most difficult time for him "platform", very grateful to this friend; he also said that like Karen Mok, grew up watching her movies, the meeting is very tight. Sheenah and Song Xiaobao show God skills to persuade them to switch in the last quarter of the program, Sheenah can imitate a as the acme of perfection. This program launched when netizens expect Sheenah to show "stunts". The Tengchong station, she finally did not expect, once again demonstrated the perfect God skills. Sheenah Xu Jiao played the first imitated minister naive, imitating Joe Chen whine to the explosion of "Taiwan cavity", after Xi Mengyao T Xiu and Jiang Yiyan game "black hole" characteristics of the whole process of exposure, then Sheenah version of Karen Mok expression package line, and finally to Angie Chiu, Carina Lau’s imitation, pressure is great but still wonderful scene. Xi Mengyao is holding the face smiled and said: "smile to face smoke", Jiang Yiyan is laughed to tears, Song Xiaobao was given a "professional evaluation": "Sheenah is when the comedian talent, can remember everyone’s soul, consider diverted!" Sheenah "crossover" performances, song Andy also eager show, a wonderful magic, under all the guests all eyes, no one see the flaws. (Wen Lu, Li Yan: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: