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"She also had to fight" to restore life Lifan Ming Group new family entertainment Sohu "housewives have to fight" stills Sohu entertainment news from the original film investment (Beijing) Ltd., directed by renowned director Wu Xiaodong, producer Li Hong, Xu Bo, Ming Fan, Dai Lele screenwriter, Zeng Li, Jie Huiqing, Niu Baojun, Fang Zichun, left the strength of the actor portrait interpretation of urban family comedy "housewives have to fight with the majority of the audience is". The play by housewives three the child is father of the man, from the perspective of different age levels, will be presented Chinese form of contemporary women’s history with family drama, not only shows the contemporary values, is the reduction of the most pure state of life with a new perspective. Once Lifan Ming led new family laugh with tears to show contemporary values, Ming Fan Zeng Li play two senior acting as Yilan and Wang Dacheng is a pair of husband and wife after 70. They start empty-handed, prosperous life. But seemingly happy appearance was simmering. The youth rebellious daughter of the Elan mother because of neglect to accompany and full of complaints, even on the show up "mother" to win the eye; and the same for the mother-in-law daughter-in-law is also quite emotional, never give her face; even his own work on the right-hand man husband also think that she is too strong. In the face of the simmering family conflicts, Ilan resolutely chose to return to the family, and became a full-time housewife. And the other two characters plum plum (Dai Lele ornaments) and Hao Weier (decorated with), but also because of various reasons to give up the career and return to the family of the. This plot not only reflects the changes in the era of quietly formed a new family model, but also through a series of tears with a smile to show the contemporary values. Which has a similar value to carry forward the traditional harmony "homekeeping such excellent view, for example also has a women’s sense of independence and self realization of the value of the new era of value. It can be said that the whole drama with a smile in the way of tears will be the contemporary values of the show. The growth history of contemporary female writing "not perfect" to restore the innocent life apart from reflecting three full-time housewives how to solve various family Difficult miscellaneous diseases, "but also to fight the" housewife is a tender story written by a contemporary female growth history. As a successful entrepreneur and elan after, but the family is at a loss what to do Mei Li optimistic; a strong mind, but in front of a variety of realistic pressure is still powerless; although Hao Weier believe that true love, but in the face of young and old love in all kinds of barrier will hesitate; three people have their strong and weak, but they talk mutual aid, in the face of their thorns of life, really pay to get the family recognition and understanding, and they also imperceptibly completed self growth, become more powerful variable do not panic. Compared with other domestic TV series Marysu, the white lotus, perfect design, this "perfect" not only more real natural, let us see the innocent life of the original appearance, bring joy and everybody the most simple.相关的主题文章: