Shanxi into the enterprise service smoothly into the enterprise synchronous synchronous start

Shanxi into the enterprise service smoothly into the enterprise synchronization synchronization scheduled start synchronization Shanxi daily news (reporter Xin Yisheng) the thousands of cadres into the enterprise service mobilization and training conference, the provincial Office of the leading group in the city and provincial leading group, provincial and municipal services into the enterprise group, quick action, serious organization, in a short period of time. All in accordance with the provincial government, the province’s "thousands of cadres into the scheme of" enterprise services and mobilization meeting the requirements of the grassroots, into the enterprise, devote to the enterprise service. As of September 26th, the province’s leading groups all deeply carry out work; 461 provinces into the enterprise service group into enterprises docking work; all 11 city leading group held a mobilization meeting arrangements for the deployment of the city, the province into the enterprise service good start, progress smoothly, basically synchronous, synchronous arrangement start, synchronization into the enterprise. Provincial Leading Group Office of province and city in the work of the leading group in the provincial enterprise service group, municipal leading group and relevant enterprises to implement the spirit of learning instructions Secretary Luo Huining, practical thinking and action to the provincial "a guide, two hands are hard" decision-making arrangements, to further enhance the enterprise service urgent and the sense of responsibility, change the style, immediately do, do solid work, to reflect the demands of the enterprise, to help enterprises solve the difficult way to want to come out, take strong measures to solve outstanding problems restricting the development and make a positive contribution to the economic development of our province. The provincial Office of the leading group, to accurately grasp the existing analysis and solve the problem of the enterprise for each group, specially designed "enterprise list", the group targeted, do everything possible to solve problems for businesses. The leading group in Shuozhou city and work into the enterprise group to Youyu Bao Yuan policy coal company coal mine closure to timely solve the problems related to the understanding, this issue will quickly feedback relevant departments to properly handle the Taiyuan proposal; into the enterprise service team 6 hours to solve the problem of power supply in Taiyuan locomotive vehicle accessories factory has stopped for 6 day; Datong into the enterprise service team to help with the car company activated carbon products into TISCO procurement base, in order to solve the enterprise long-term do not want to do things; Lvliang into the enterprise service team in Jin Coal Co., soil surface to place in the understanding of the problems, the coordination of the local county government and enterprise coordination meetings and the spot, the formation of the "five steps" consensus to solve the land problem, solve the problem can not solve the long-term enterprise; Linfen into the enterprise service team in understanding to Linfen The development of Iron & Steel Co., heavy burden, weak growth, the problem of insufficient power, actively brainstorming, help enterprise planning planning department and R & D center set goals, plan, increasing power, through the management innovation and technological innovation, upgrading driven products, full of vitality of enterprises. In the work of the leading group with the actual jianzhanglizhi, refined developed a cadre leave, communication, work report system and working mechanism, ensure enterprise cadres, division of responsibilities clear, to ensure the tasks of personnel, time, content, to implement the "four.

山西入企服务进展顺利 同步安排同步启动同步入企   山西日报讯(记者 辛义生)全省万名干部入企服务工作动员暨培训会议后,省领导小组办公室和省驻市领导小组、省入企服务小组,以及各市迅速行动,认真组织,在短时间内,全部按照省委、省政府《全省万名干部入企服务工作方案》和动员会议要求下基层、入企业,全身心投入到入企服务工作中。截至9月26日,省驻市领导小组全部深入地市开展工作;461个省入企服务小组全部入企对接开展工作;11个市领导小组全部召开了本市动员会议进行安排部署,全省入企服务工作开局良好,进展顺利,基本做到了同步安排、同步启动、同步入企。   省领导小组办公室和省驻市各工作领导小组及时组织省级各入企服务小组、各市领导小组和相关企业学习贯彻骆惠宁书记的指示精神,切实将思想和行动统一到省委“一个指引、两手硬”的决策部署上来,进一步增强入企服务的紧迫感和责任感,转变作风、马上就办、真抓实干,把企业的诉求反映出来,把帮助企业解决困难的办法想出来,采取强有力措施解决制约发展的突出问题,为我省经济发展作出积极贡献。   省领导小组办公室为各小组能够准确掌握、分析和解决企业存在的问题,专门设计了《企业问题清单》,各小组有的放矢,千方百计为企业解难题。省驻朔州市工作领导小组和入企小组在了解到右玉元堡煤业公司政策性关闭煤矿需要及时解决相关问题后,迅速将这一问题反馈有关部门,建议妥善处理;太原入企服务小组6个小时解决太原机车车辆配件厂已停供6天的供电问题;大同入企服务小组帮助同车公司活性炭产品进入太钢集团采购招标库,以解决企业长期想做没做到的事情;吕梁入企服务小组在了解到国锦煤电有限公司土地方面存在的问题后,协调当地县政府及企业召开协调会和现场会,形成“五步走”解决土地难题的意见共识,解决了企业长期解决不了的重难点问题;临汾入企服务小组在了解到临汾钢铁有限公司发展包袱过重、企业发展乏力、动力不足的问题时,积极献计献策,帮助企业筹划企划部和企业研发中心定目标、做规划、增动力,通过管理创新和技术创新,带动产品升级,焕发企业活力。   省驻市各工作领导小组还结合实际建章立制,细化制定了干部请销假、沟通联络、工作报告等工作制度和工作机制,保证了入企干部分工、职责明确,确保了各项任务“时间、人员、内容、要求”四落实。相关的主题文章: