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Shanghai Orient Securities Information management company executives added Lu Qiang deputy general manager of sina Taiwan Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina Financial News in September 20th, Shanghai Orient Securities Asset Management Limited on the new fund senior management announced that in 2016 09 years from the 19 day of the new fund manager Lu Qiang as deputy general manager of the company. Lu Qiang profile and past experience of graduate students, in July 1994 -1996 in September as safety and Environmental Protection Research Institute of Ministry of metallurgical industry room five project manager; July 1999 -2002 September, Wuhan branch of Huaxia Securities Investment Banking Business Director; October 2002 -2006 in April as Changxin Fund Management Limited company customer service department director, comprehensive administrative director in July 2006; -2010 in April as a fund sales department sales director of central fund management Co. Ltd; August 2010 -2011 August, Haitong Securities customer asset management market director; September 2011 -2013 in June as executive director of Shanghai Orient Securities Asset Management Limited channel development department; June 2013 -2015 March, Shanghai Orient Securities Asset Management Limited Executive Director, channel development the director has served Shanghai in March 2015; Managing director of Orient Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd., director of channel development and director of institutional business. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

上海东方证券资管公司新增高管 卢强任副总经理 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   新浪财经讯 9月20日上海东方证券资产管理有限公司关于新增基金高级管理人员的公告称,2016年09年19日起新任基金管理人卢强为公司副总经理。   卢强个人简介及过往经历   研究生、硕士   1994年7月-1996年9月任冶金部安全环保研究院五室项目经理;1999年7月-2002年9月任华夏证券武汉分公司投资银行部业务董事;   2002年10月-2006年4月任长信基金管理有限公司客户服务部总监、综合行政部总监;2006年7月-2010年4月任中欧基金管理有限公司基金销售部销售总监;   2010年8月-2011年8月任海通证券客户资产管理部市场总监;2011年9月-2013年6月任上海东方证券资产管理有限公司渠道发展部执行总监;   2013年6月-2015年3月任上海东方证券资产管理有限公司执行董事、渠道发展部总监;2015年3月至今任上海东方证券资产管理有限公司董事总经理、渠道发展部总监兼机构业务部总监。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: