Shanghai epitaxial vegetable base will be extended to the end of 10 to ensure that eating assured ve aquaria

Shanghai extension of vegetable base will be expanded to 10 by the end of the beginning of the year to ensure eat vegetables nationwide, long time, a large area of great cold weather extremes, put forward a severe test of the city’s agricultural resource base. The reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of Commerce, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government and the deployment of the city to vigorously promote the extension of base construction in Shandong Province, Linyi City, Feixian County County, Lanling Hedong District and Jiangsu city of Xuzhou province Copper Mt. District pilot construction of 6 large-scale extension vegetable base, promote sales and origin closely docking, to establish a stable production base and distribution enterprise cooperation. It is understood that the Jiangsu Copper Mt. two extension vegetable production base as an example, the original for the Shanghai market year for the supply of 6000-8000 tons, after the listing, will expand to meet the people of Shanghai needs green vegetable varieties, 1-2 years after the total sales volume will be expanded to 15 thousand tons per year -2 million tons, 2-3 years to reach 30 thousand tons of -5 million tons. By the end of this year, the city will be in Yunnan, Hainan set up 4 epitaxial base, next year will be in Shanxi, Jiangxi, Ningxia and other Midwest development extension base, ensuring that the people of Shanghai throughout the year to eat "vegetables". In addition, the 6 extension of vegetable production base in the first listing will use the two-dimensional code technology, the establishment of epitaxial base of vegetable production and circulation traceability system, will strive to protect the city from the source of production of agricultural products supply is stable, effective guarantee for Shanghai vegetable quality and safety for the expansion of foreign extension plays a leading role in the demonstration base. Diet regimen sink rabbit shredded vegetables nutrition and health (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: