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Shandong Leling teacher slapped 63 students continued: the school principals involved temporarily suspended the society September 12 Beijing Xinhua (Pan Xuhai) recently, Shandong city of Leling province into the primary school teacher slapped 63 students raised the issue of social concern. For this, Leling City Education Bureau responded that, at present the teachers involved have been dismissed, involved the principal of the school was temporarily suspended. In September 11th, the media reported that Shandong Leling city into a primary school class of 70 students, 63 students from moral education teacher slapped. After the incident, the teacher of the students in slapping accompanied by his grandpa, apologize to the parents of the students. Since then, the school into the direction of the Education Bureau report. In September 12th, Leling City Bureau of education staff surnamed Wang told reporters, after the incident, the Education Bureau quickly set up a working group to investigate the school. According to the relevant provisions of the Education Bureau has dismissed treatment on someone’s teachers, and give into the primary school temporarily suspended. At present, the Education Bureau has reported to the parents of the students on behalf of the results, and hired a new president presided over the work of primary school. In addition, the Education Bureau has held the two committee, made it clear that to prevent such incidents from happening again. (commissioning editor Pan Xuhai and Zhang Yuke)相关的主题文章: