Shandong Airlines Group Huanshuai senior pilot Xu Chuanyu took over as chairman of Air China pigeon blood

Shandong Airlines Air China Group Huanshuai senior pilots took over as chairman Xu Chuanyu recently, Shandong Aviation Group Limited held cadres meeting to convey the decision of the Shandong provincial Party committee, Ma Chongxian, Xu Chuanyu CNAC group about two appointments and dismissals comrade. Shandong provincial Party committee, organization department minister Yang Dongqi, general manager of AVIC, deputy party secretary Cai Jianjiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting chaired by the party secretary Sun Xiujiang shandong. Xu Chuanyu Ma Chongxian (data sheet) (data sheet) CNAC group human resources department deputy general manager Comrade Liu Xuejun read about Xu Chuanyu Ma Chongxian, CNAC letter: position adjustment to the board of directors of Shandong Airlines Group Co. Ltd. will recommend Comrade Xu Chuanyu set for directors, group limited company chairman, President of Shandong Airlines; Comrade Ma Chongxian no longer serve as Shandong Airlines Group Chairman, director, president. Party secretary Comrade Sun Xiujiang on behalf of the Shandong provincial Shandong Group read the notice of the Ministry of the CPC Shandong provincial Party Committee Organization about Xu Chuanyu, Ma Chongxian appointments and dismissals comrade: Comrade Xu Chuanyu of Party committee, deputy secretary of Shandong Airlines Group Co. Ltd., comrade Ma Chongxian from the Shandong Airlines Group Co., deputy party secretary, member of the post. It is reported that Xu Chuanyu graduated from the Chinese Academy of civil aviation flight driving professional, with a master’s degree in Business Administration from Tsinghua University, two pilots. In July 1985, former China International Airlines flight three Corps brigade pilots, deputy director of Flight Safety Supervision Department inspectors, three battalion positions. In December 2001, he served as deputy chief of China International Airlines flight corps. March 2006 Ren Tianjin branch general manager, deputy secretary of the party committee. From January 2009 to March 2011, deputy chief executive officer of the company, and general manager of the company’s operation control center, Party committee, deputy secretary. From January 2009 to April 2011, the company’s chief flight engineer. From February 2011 to December 2012 he served as vice president of China International Uni Airways Corporation. December 2012 China International Uni Airways Corporation security director. Shandong Airlines Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shandong airlines in 1994 by the China Civil Aviation Administration and the Shandong provincial government approved the establishment of the Shandong provincial economic development and investment company and other shareholders initiated the establishment of. 2004, China National Aviation Holding Company holds a 48% stake in Shandong Airlines Group Co., Ltd. through the transfer of equity, while holding a stake of $22.8% in Shandong Uni Airways Corporation.相关的主题文章: