Serena also love cupping! The feeling of vacuum is like a

Serena also love cupping! Said vacuum feels like octopus sucker Serena Williams (data plan) by Phelps model, Chinese "cupping" shortly before the Rio Olympics lit one. At that time there have been many athletes said that he had to use "cupping" treatment of injuries. Now, in the US Open women’s tennis world first Serena Williams also revealed that he is "cupping" fans. I’ve been doing it all the. I don’t know how cupping can help restore. I usually don’t do it when I’m out there. But I have been learning new things, of course I would like to try in the game when they pull cupping, I love that feeling." When a reporter asked Serena describe cupping feeling, she replied: "great. The vacuum is feeling, like the octopus sucker, although I do not know what is the feeling of being sucked octopus. Once I fell asleep. When cupping, looks very strange."相关的主题文章: