Seniors do online with students familiar with the campus game experience South

Seniors do online with students familiar with the campus game experience "South story" novice card booking | Fantasy Westward Journey zone when watching pioneer and PokemonGo maxed social network, southern business school students have prepared a similar game "Shang Xiaobao dream", simulation of the new students in College life. It is based on the background of Nanjing University, all of the stories are in the vicinity of College students. In the game, game player will play the freshman "South business school’s Andy" in the game, facing the various branches of choice, experience in the university life must face the sour, sweet, bitter, hot. The game experience "South story" called "Shang Xiaobao" dream game, completely to the South Campus scene as the background. Named "Andy’s" hero of the game, like every freshmen entering the University, will meet every morning. Get gas; in calculus class, and the Sandman "desperate struggle"; in the 456 canteen meal, between the hard choices; join the team in their free time, and play hard or join the mission Department experience is rigorous and lively work. Whether the classroom or dormitory, stadium, "every scene Shang Xiaobao dreams" are derived from the south, different scene, R & D team also set the corresponding dialogue scene: classroom teachers and students together to discuss a poster color background, "the color of grain point, we also see that what’s wrong with you such a discussion, the University for four years you could listen to countless times. On the pitch, the ball friends, Hong Xiao Shao and Xu Xiaochen will meet the ball. Every little detail from the design of the development of students, set in the story, only to create a more realistic gaming experience. R & D team completely zero based business school seniors usually homework no less numbers, but you really want to talk about the development of the game, but they completely zero basis. Reporters learned in the interview, "Shang Xiaobao dream" from production to really released, after two months of time. "This is a new attempt and a challenge for us. We have to pay a lot of the game, the script changed over and over again, the background and vertical painting are also one after another to deal with and production. At last made, some students to play a good response, the heart is really very satisfied." The game’s production team members said, I hope the freshmen can feel the university life as soon as possible, love college life." D game power is derived from the students usually touch and little meat by the exchange. "During the summer, in the process through various channels to communicate with the newborn, we find curious students every day on campus will be a lot of new problems about college life, the university life is full of curiosity and longing. Since the freshmen are so curious, why not let them experience the life in the South?" Business school students decided to make such a game, so that students in the game to increase the understanding of college life, to help freshmen understand and adapt to college life. "Old.相关的主题文章: