Senior chowhound seven crabs a pound of shrimp after second days to occupy the toilet actv

Senior chowhound seven crabs a pound of shrimp after second days of occupation of the toilet can not eat crabs! The plump crab is delicious, but can not eat. In September 28th, Mr. Li was Qiaodong ate 7 crabs, and a pound of shrimp pipi, diarrhea. The day before the evening, Mr. Lee bought 10 kilos of crab, shrimp Pipi from the market. He steamed delicacy, please family gobble down. But the family is not very interested in this, Mr. Lee on one breath to eat 7 crabs, a pound of Pipi shrimp. After dinner, he also ate melon, watermelon and other fruits. The delicacy into the belly, Lee stomach has put forward "dissatisfaction", a burst of brew storms on rivers and seas. I thought it would be okay to sleep, but the second day early in the morning, he will occupy the toilet, an hour on the three. Mr. Lee, a soft foot, accompanied the family to the community clinic. Upon examination, the doctor’s diagnosis was due to excessive intake of seafood. Symptomatic treatment after treatment, the afternoon, Lee’s symptoms improved significantly. "It’s because of greedy." Mr. Li as a senior chowhound, ashamed, he knew that the crab is cold, eat best with a dip in some ginger vinegar sauce, or accompanied by Yellow Wine, could not withstand the flavor of the fresh "the temptation to lead the diarrhea. (reporter Zhang Chanjuan)相关的主题文章: