Seize the eleven good time prepare for the test of the relationship between the number of the kamikaze love

Seize the eleven good time   preparing for the test of the relationship between the number of countries to test the line – Education – people with the "eleven" National Day approaching, the 2017 national civil service exam footsteps are getting closer. The eleven holidays and leave after less than fifty days in the 2017 national exams is the key to success, and how to more efficient for each of the candidates has become the focus of attention. For measuring the quantitative relationship between the special examination scope, types of changes, most of the candidates had no problem solving method to efficient fear at a loss what to do. In fact, if the master application environment problem solving method the relationship between the number of commonly used questions and common thoughts, this part of the answer and did not imagine so difficult. The ancients said, "modaobuwukanchaigong". If the country take to "firewood", then do any of the preparations are "grinding" process. Next, we will talk about the relationship between the number of the key part of the current period of preparation strategies, aims to help the wood road "sharpening the knife candidates". A review of the progress of the number of relations for the pro forma, the public education experts recommend candidates are divided into three stages. The first stage, carding theory. No matter how the previous review schedule, to end in mid October, should at least put questions and problem-solving methods of solving ideological system in common use and their environment, application of regular examination of the relationship between the number of learning again in. Among them, the important problem solving ideas: ideas, thoughts, divisible by special value proportion thought, equation ideology; IELTS: profit, travel problems, engineering problems, permutation and combination, geometric probability problems, problems, problems, problems of extreme exclusion. The second stage, special promotion. After a period of learning, the examinee is already on the relationship between the number of sites have a overall grasp, but there will be some grasp is not firm or not by skilled knowledge. The candidates should choose special exam practice, it has not been difficult to break the previous goal breakthrough, thus speeding up the speed problem, improve the rate of correct answer. This phase can last until early November. The third stage, the simulation test. In mid November, is not recommended candidates to conduct special training, but to carry out simulation test. Public education experts suggested that the examinee every two days to do a very difficult examination and in practice test, the examination time to test is consistent with the country, in addition to set aside time for card. The middle is empty day to check the answers, summary and promotion. This can make the examination candidates used rhythm, to maintain the best state examinations, so as to go on to take time for the room, their level of play. For example, two years Zhenti [2016- -67] as deputy provinces to strengthen the authority of the cultural construction, the municipal authorities held a speech contest in the system, the 3 departments were dispatched 3, 2, 4 players participated in the competition, each contestant must match the order of the Department to ask different participating species within the following order what range of less than 1000 B.1000~5000 C.5001~20000 (A.) D. more than 20000 public analysis: this question what explain each contestant must be connected with the Department相关的主题文章: