Secret Advanced Doctor Strange Sherlock wearing a cloak of playing through the entertainment Sohu-ricky lee neely

"Secret": Advanced Doctor Strange Sherlock wearing a cloak of playing through the Sohu "entertainment" Doctor Strange   November 4th landing Chinese cinema Sohu entertainment news (text: Losangeles wheat) "(Dr Strange) Dr. strange" although the first publicity in Asia, but until a pedestrian came back to the United States in 19 officially held the media field. If you have already seen too many "strange doctor" (Dr Strange) of the pre notice or fragment, unfortunately, it will bring you fresh content rarely, most exciting content and bursting point in the pre publicity has been fully exposed; but there is also a pleasant surprise, Dr. strange red cloak was made quite there are "spiritual", can identify the owner and host interaction, the heart, are often also love with the master, a play, but also bring more laughter to the movie. The popular "Sherlock Benedict – Conboy Baki (Benedict Cumberbatch) by the film that he was" strange doctor "choice, acting, temperament for this role considerably. Summer 2: "Captain America" in the civil war before the show almost no exposure to any of the contents of spider man, the most wonderful airport is to expose the war so very rare to see the movie when, eventually brought a lot of new bursting point and surprise. However, perhaps in order to vigorously promote the new "Doctor Strange", let more people understand this character and the film unique visual highlight film was shown more than and 20 different fragments in the 19 days before, many areas are still showing a lot of fragments for the media or the audience, but until the 19 day began to put it, after that tempt the appetite, did not have the fresh feeling. Director Scott – (Scott Derrickson) explained that this is because the film is really just finished, and so on for the first time – Benedict – (Benedict Cumberbatch) to join the delayed shooting. However, because the early release too much, most viewers have a taste of the most prominent part of the visual effects. This includes, in a car accident, the first time I saw an ancient fantasy space and was sent to New York to chase drama. But these paragraphs add positive kaleidoscopic visual effect more, make the film full of Psychedelic feeling. If you look at the 3D version, it is indeed possible to strengthen the space to bring a variety of three-dimensional space, but it is only. In fact, the use of multi dimensional space for the city from different angles of folding, changing direction of the lens in the "dream space" has already appeared, but here once again be carried forward. So there will be no "WOW" amazing feeling. And a middle and Doctor Strange through the magic door in a different time and space, can put things through transfer to another space at once in the "X" appears in the X-Men: reversal of the future. Yes, this is the person who used tricks played by Fan Bingbing Blink (flashing). The audience should remember that she used this way to throw the enemy into the purple circle, sometimes to save their companions. In the "strange doctor", in fact.相关的主题文章: