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Say you may not believe, the military training of the pit I also very want to jump – you know that all military health Sohu, is nothing more than — "Baba mama, I went to the military!!" "Baba mama, I come back military training!!!" Mentees are tanning, faking the rain god yet you all of the military resentment "people" but life is looking into the pit of military training… He said that the legendary "glass" — hemophiliacs summer, when the other kids are enjoying the long vacation, the 14 year old Ning but because of physical reasons can only be "grounded" in the home, in addition to reading books every day is quiet. Will his ankle at intervals suddenly swollen, sometimes pain at night. Because of physical reasons, especially the ankle often spontaneous bleeding, Ning Ning since the beginning of 2016 has never been to school. Ning is suffering from a rare disease called hemophilia. Sex chromosome associated hemophilia, is a result of coagulation disorders caused by hemorrhagic disease, because the body is in the absence of certain clotting factors, hemophilia patients will be accompanied by a lifetime. Because of the difficulty of coagulation, the most prominent symptom of patients with this disease is bleeding. There are many kinds of human coagulation factor, hemophilia refers to eight clotting factor or nine factor deficiency patients. The reason for the loss of these two coagulation factors, known as hemophilia, is that they are directly related to the sex chromosomes. Under normal circumstances, each of us contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, including 22 pairs of chromosomes and a pair of sex chromosomes, male chromosome XY, female chromosome XX. Hemophilia is caused by mutations in the X chromosome. Hemophilia is a genetic disorder associated with sex, and the vast majority of patients are men. The vast majority of patients are men, because hemophilia is a recessive genetic disease. Girls only when parents from the two X chromosomes at the same time there are defects will be shown, and this probability is very small. 80% of the patients were not found in time China hemophilia patients should be at least 100 thousand or more, but at present, the country registered with only 16 thousand ~1.7 million people, in other words, there are more than 80% hemophilia patients could not be found in time. Why do you miss so many patients? Family, society, and even medical workers lack the correct understanding of hemophilia is the biggest reason. Because of the low incidence of hemophilia and relatively small number of cases, many clinicians lack a corresponding understanding of the disease, resulting in more misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis. Has been called the "old Europe" the grandmother of Queen Victoria of England is a hemophilia gene carriers, 9 children in her family and the European royal marriage, making these countries suffered a series of male hemophilia patients and carriers of hemophilia gene. Statistics show that from 1873 to 1945, at least 8 male descendants of Queen Victoria died of hemophilia. With different life replacement therapy is the most effective for the treatment of hemophilia patients. The so-called replacement therapy is the right相关的主题文章: