Safe Lunch Bags For Your

Food-and-Drink Some people believe if they dont know something it cant hurt them. But whether they know about it or not, the threat posed by plastic lunch boxes is real. If you are one of those who prefer home cooked food for your kids, you probably buy childrens lunch bags ranging from promotional to those which have eco-friendly printed on them. But have you ever considered how safe they are? The most harmful .ponent, predominantly contained in vinyl lunch boxes is lead. Lunch boxes insulated with vinyl can lead to poisoning over a period of time to both adults and children. No wonder most people prefer safe lunch bags as they can be reusable and are environmental friendly. With growing consciousness about health and environment, more and more people want to choose a lead free lunch bag over an ordinary one. Promotional lunch bags not only .e in a variety of designs and prints but they are also quite trendy. Whats more, these colored lunch bags are functional, and made of eco-friendly material like hemp and cotton. Another safe alternative to carry healthy school snack is to opt for vinyl-free water proof lunch bags. Durable and easy to care, these acrylic coated cotton bags are water, soil and mess resistant. Wipe them with a clean cloth and they are as good as new. Another new addition in safe lunch bags is up-cycled material promotional bags. The process of taking recycled material to make a new product which is higher in quality and value is called upcycling. Mostly plastic bottles are upcycled to make these childrens lunch bags. You can seek the services of vendors who are into eco-friendly materials to make customised lead free lunch bag. Added features like straps, Velcro along with handy .partments for keeping sandwiches, drink, fruit and snack will ensure that your child carries a healthy school snack every day in his colored lunch bag. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: