Ruby Lin cursed little child Wallace Huo word to protect his wife Beijing – domineering running man 20130908

Ruby Lin cursed "little child" Wallace Huo a word to his wife – Beijing domineering nurse in new network on 30 October, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, artists Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo announced in May 20th 10 years after the friend upgraded to the lover, then love, marriage and pregnancy in half a year, fans see idols find the happiness of all the happy people have acid frequently issued against her "forced marriage", "bundling speculation", even more for fetal left malicious comments, following her patience, through the studio issued a statement after the husband, when Wallace Huo attended the event to divulge ideas. Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo in super fast, perhaps there is a crazy fan of bear idol for half a year, suddenly from a single into a husband who is still a father, began to scold her forced marriage, she is alleged threat forced the man to marry, and finally the target move to her unborn baby, "not qualified as a mother," "pregnant is not necessarily born, born may not be able to support such a message more than a vicious, her 28 studio by a statement, want to leave malicious comments of users not overdo sth.. Wallace Huo 28 days to Qingdao to promote "hide and seek" suspected, because too tired and cold weather and cold, although the anti fuzzy focus, refused to answer any questions related to private life, but 29 days to attend the event, the wife suffered a malicious attack, he angrily: "do not bully back their good!"相关的主题文章: