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Travel-and-Leisure What can be classier than the car that sports the Flying Spirit? The Rolls Royce is the last word in classic style and elegance. In fact, the Rolls Royce Phantom is the most popular wedding car. There are cars that are the wedding car ones and the Rolls Royce Hire ones. Given a choice, people would opt for the Rolls Royce, for the simple reason, it is a car that would add that extra special touch to an extra special occasion. Rolls Royce hire Manchester offer their wedding cars .plete with decorations at a very affordable rate. They can also, in a crunch, provide you with a chauffeur driven limousine at 24 hours notice. Rolls Royce hire Leeds has a good selection of well-maintained luxurious cars and so, whether it is for a wedding, or for a ride to an exclusive restaurant, the best is on offer here. Criteria for hiring a limousine: vi.The occasion is the most important factor. It could be an anniversary celebration, or a senior prom, a birthday party, or a wedding. vii.The budget would be the next most important factor. While you would want the best for the special occasion, you are still bound by budgetary considerations. viii.The number of passengers that would need limousine service. It could be that for a wedding, the car for the bride and groom is different from the others. Most limousine .panies give the other cars at a lower price than the main car. ix.The number of hours that you are likely to use the limousine. x.The distance that will be travelled. Is it a straight ride to the destination, or will there be stops on the way. Features that you would want: iv.A well-trained and well-groomed chauffeur, who knows the city well v.Music, and drinks in the car might be something that you want. vi.Decorations for the occasion. This might also include offering the person who is being picked up flowers, chocolate of a bottle of wine. The Rolls Royce Phantom is available in black, white and silver. Additionally, all Rolls Royce wedding cars .e with decorative ribbons. The interior is hand-crafted and is as exquisitely simple, elegant and classy as the exterior, so that your travelling experience is luxurious and .fortable. Since it has a v12 6.749cc engine, the car glides even at high speeds, thus offering a very smooth ride even at high speeds. The Rolls Royce hire Birmingham has a lot of experience in catering to weddings. Their chauffeurs know the area in and around Birmingham very well; consequently, no matter where you want to go, they will take you there in style. Rolls Royce hire Nottingham has a wide range of wedding cars on offer. These include the Rolls Royce Phantom and the Bentley. These cars .e with .plimentary ribbons and bows. Whether it is a Christian wedding, Hindu wedding, Sikh wedding or Pakistani wedding, Rolls Royce hire Nottingham offers the most .petitive rates for their beautifully maintained cars. Rolls Royce hire Leicester offers the best deals for their cars for Proms, airport transfers and weddings. Since they have Bentleys also in black, white and silver, they offer these as the second cars, to the main car for a wedding. The prices too are very .petitive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: