Road FC Luther’s integrated combat financing on the million investor enthusiasm

ROAD  FC Luther MMA finance billion   investor enthusiasm rising – Sports – August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Yang Lei) ROAD FC Luther international mixed martial arts contest as Chinese first international martial arts events, is the only landing CCTV-5 weekend prime time wrestling, won six consecutive all national TV ratings before 5, the highest sports show first. But when it comes to the operating side of the ROAD FC Beijing Luther culture media Co., Ltd., even the senior fighting fans know little. Beijing Lutheran culture media Co. Ltd, jointly organized in Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the city cultural heritage office, Beijing Wen vote, Beijing TV station of the first Beijing cultural innovation and entrepreneurship competition, talent shows itself from more than and 500 entries in the contest, won the only "annual investment value award, ROAD FC Beijing Luther culture media Ltd. was disclosed financing billion yuan, the investment valuation of $200 million. The contest of high specification, as Beijing’s first cultural and creative innovation contest, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Yu Junsheng, Zhou Maofei, director of the Cultural Heritage Office of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department deputy inspector, the promotion center director Mei Song, deputy director of the Cultural Bureau Guan Yu, deputy director of the Bureau of press and publication of Zhang Su and other government leaders to visit Beijing; the investment ChinaEquity chairman Zhang Miao, chairman Wang Chaoyong, Sequoia Capital, angel Wu Shichun, cen Wang Meihua Chinese Softbank Mo Ziwei, Jun linked capital Liu Zehui investment bigwigs grand jury. Beijing as China’s cultural capital, venture capital, the contest aims to find the most investment value of Chinese cultural and creative industry, the future unicorn". ROAD FC has grown into Asia’s first, the world’s top integrated fighting contest, the internationally recognized founder, it is the Chinese martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. In addition to CCTV-5, ROAD and FC in 60 countries 150 of the world’s television broadcast TV variety show; CJ E& M television, the highest ratings par Running Man (brothers run it), has been with the Hunan TV sports entertainment signed a strategic cooperation Cathay mango; set up fighting game alliance with millet, Baidu, 360 game channel, launched a joint combat Mobile Games, VR eSports games; fighting star and placards baby to artists brokerage model is the introduction of a variety of regulars and action movies; line boxing museum is located in Beijing, covers an area of 5000 square meters…… Internet plus the IP pan entertainment strategic layout has been quietly completed. In the ceremony, Beijing Lutheran culture media Co. Ltd. CEO Zhang Xiaodie, briefly introduced the current financial situation, given the location of ROAD FC international sports entertainment platform, the introduction of investment is mainly sports health, culture and entertainment industry fund, and a star and director in. But did not disclose specific investors, but said it will be announced at the recent Financing Conference, and there are more fun things released. On the spread of the capital on the cold winter, Zhang Xiaodie believes that the capital is not winter, but a lack of good projects. In China, the sports industry has risen to the national strategy. FC ROAD Road)相关的主题文章: