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Remember the Garnett win emotional interpretation? Anything is possible! – Kevin – Garnett   sports Sohu; Beijing time on September 24, 2016, the League superstar Kevin Garnett announced his retirement, in the League for 21 years, "to the fans left countless memorable moments, but the most touching is 08 years after winning the sentence: everything is possible. A simple word, is the most perfect interpretation of KG career. At the end of the last century before the great prosperity, the two is a symbol of the number of people in the 21. One is the basic work of the one is as solid as rocks, with no predecessors all rounder, a man named Duncan, another name is Garnett. Two different styles, but also great. Compared to Duncan 20 years, such as a day of stable output, the career of the crown of the perfect retirement of the perfect 5. Garnett ups and downs, a champion experience more people talked about. A cycle of 12 years, through the peak from the KG rookie, who led the team scored a push, won the regular season MVP, but never won a championship, never picked up the highest honor that all NBA players dream. A cycle after the wolf with the heart of a champion, back on the road. But this time, KG ushered in the most beautiful encounter, not a person, but a team – celtics. The team’s character and Garnett, tough, tough, all in the refuse to be cowed or submit to the same target, and forbear waiting for power savings — the championship, Garnett signed with the Celtics, a heaven-made match is perfect. In the 07-08 season, Qi Lei – Allen, Pearce and Garnett, the three giants of the Celtics, basically no rivals in the league, defensive end Garnett to support the whole system, the offensive side of Pearce and Ray – Allen is still in the peak. Green army of that season, always make people unforgettable, let a person remember. It’s a classic, a classic that has always been imitated, never surpassed. And the soul of this classic team is Garnett. Look over the arena, kiss the green army flag, after scoring the ball after the call, push ups. Green in period KG, we left too many classic pictures, let these shots still lead a person to endless aftertastes green army, eventually become the sublimation of spirit. The Rockets swept Dezhou END 22 game winning streak, the three giants at the same time all star, KG won the DPOY score above 20000, Allen three, Pearce 2000, big kill four chopped high, of course the most important — the championship trophy. The team for 5 years, although only three of the giant green army won a crown, but left too much to miss a crown, although not much, but enough precious. All other honors, has arrived but the championship, she is the most classic perfect footnote. And KG that sentence: everything is possible, is the most perfect interpretation of his career.相关的主题文章: