Reliance Foundation Revitalizes

Business Reliance Foundation is an initiative by RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) to support growth and development that leadsto betterment in society. It caters to five core pillars including rural transformation, education, health, urban renewal and arts, culture and heritage. The aim of this foundation is to churn out meaningful and constructive activities that will procreate progress and enable the country to overcome some major developmental challenges. Reliance BIJ that stands for Bharat India Jodo focuses on abridging the gap between rural and urban India by introducing paramount practices that can foster productivity among small-scale farmers. This program at presentstirs growth in nine major states and gears to extend to all the villages and agricultural zones in the country. Reliance Knowledge for Sustainable Development(RK4SD) is another distinguished initiative that aims to create awareness about leveraging theefficiency of farmers, anglers and other micro enterprises. By organizing VFA (Villagers Farmers Association) and PC (Producer Company), they enablegrouping of farmers and provide financial assistance to them in order to support their activities. Reliance Foundation endeavorsto provide education to around 15, 000 children across 12 schools in the country. It aims to raise the bar of educational standards in the country by granting special educational opportunities to children in rural areas,deprived of quality education. It has also propelled the establishmentof the Reliance Instituteof Technology in Jamnagar and Reliance Polytechnic in Dwarka in partnership with the Gujarat Government. By building a tertiary care hospital that meets the international standards in terms of medical facilities, Reliance Foundation will facilitate medical treatment to the underprivileged. Besides, Reliance Drishti is a commendable initiative that it thrusts along with the support of the National Associationof the Blind that enlightens the life of the visuallyimpaired by conducting over 10,000 corneal transplants, free of charge. It also launched the first registered national Braille newspaper in Hindi that will be distributed to impart knowledge to around 25, 000 visually challenged individuals. Reliance Foundation also sponsors Real Heroes that acknowledges and applauds ordinary Indians who do extraordinary things. This year they honored24 real heroes who have accomplished in producing radical changes in varied fields including women empowerment,child welfare, sports, environment, youth, health and disability and sports. Reliance Foundation intends to be the preeminent philanthropicorganization in the world in the forthcoming years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: