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"The rabbit big dream" "the rabbit" debut third season premiere of iOS has open beta does not delete files that the "rabbit" official licensed Mobile Games "the rabbit big dream" today in "the rabbit" third season premiere on stunning debut.   creative explosion scene – gathered burning inspirational melody in shock, the high-profile "that the rabbit that thing" third season premiere party. At 13:00 PM, in the 798 All seats are occupied. theater, "the rabbit" third season premiere officially kicked off. The premiere will be started, attentive audience found the host was the animation stimulated sprouting lovely "rabbit" small voice Liansha, the atmosphere suddenly perked up; and when the comic author Ma snake, director of the two tree, full debut, the entire theater is turned into the joy of the ocean.   premiere, several cast members were told that the rabbit animation scenes, the author is the mentality of a snake Ma Lu since shared his creation "the rabbit". After this, interactive game I guess you draw ", not only once again detonated the atmosphere, but also closer to the distance between the fans and the team; and" the rabbit "season third new play, more will be the scene atmosphere to a climax! Pro Pro scene have said that this year is definitely worth the wait. To this end, the animation is completed, not only prolonged applause at the scene, even fans who send custom cake based record.   not only the premiere as well as the rabbit’s dream of a big country, followed by the premiere scene atmosphere was lit again – "rabbit" official authorized hand tour, the rabbit’s big country dream stunning debut. "The rabbit big dream" landing iOS platform in September 28, 2016 does not delete files open beta, the game on the line, many flowers family swarmed. So when the rabbit’s dream of a big country, the propaganda film BGM sounded, the atmosphere was once again burst. And "a love letter that rabbit power dream" veterans wish grandpa series of video – and broadcast, is moved to the scene of countless flowers rabbit, said the reason why the fish game, will make this video series, a game player is in order to achieve the desire, but also to their motherland 67 birthday.   as the game publisher, co-founder of the Shen, salted games also attended the premiere, and share the development planning of many interesting things in the process of creation and Mobile Games future games in the "rabbit big dream" Promo after playing on stage. Shen, said that as a salted rabbit, choose the IP, is to be able to in the mobile terminal for all pro construction of a flower, realize the great dream. Therefore, the issue of the team has been to meet the needs of rabbit flowers for the first goal. In addition to the game well, but also for the pro salted games in preparation for a number of online and offline welfare – Custom surrounding the exclusive, veterans wish series of activities, to the sea of stars you flowers who offer the best rabbit.   "the rabbit" is a big dream Mobile Games military strategy game with salted fish by the wind under the wings to launch, the snake is hemp as a producer himself, can be said to be the 2016 year in the third season of "rabbit", dedicated to all kinds of.相关的主题文章: