Qiu Jia image collection breeds new trends denka

Qiu and the birth of new trends: image of Herbert · "Cindy Crawford Blonde" Ruiz works, priced at 194 thousand yuan from Chinese art report about image collection, image auction Beijing Huachen auction is a topic. Video market showing a pattern of the plate image collection, Beijing Huachen auction video auction is a special topic around the past. The image is not the first auction Huachen: 2006 international art market blows Chinese contemporary art hot, China contemporary image in "conceptual photography" works by overseas buyers Repeng, many large auction companies have opened a special image. However, this craze lasted only a year or more, the image of these auction companies opened as a flash in the pan, the image of the work turned into miscellaneous special, only the image of China’s special Chen insisted today. In 10 years, according to the statistical data provided by Huachen auction, the annual turnover from 500~600 million yuan to 25 million yuan, the highest single auction from about 300000 yuan in 2006 increased to about 2000000 yuan, so the image art Chinese has gained more and more attention of collectors, investors and funds. Why China’s image collection 10 years of steady growth, but only the image of the Chen Hua pat survived? This is related to the image of the market segments of the plate pattern. Huachen images designed to shoot from the beginning did not put all your egg in the "conceptual photography" this one basket, but take a multi plate combination strategy, and business image, old photos and images of contemporary classical works in the history of the three plates. Among them, the old photos is one of the characteristics of Chinese, and Hua Chen in the field of business better, and perhaps this is the reason why can insist on 10 years of mystery. Over the years, Hua Chen devoted to those old photographs of contents were collected, both found buyers interest (such as the focus of this year’s Spring Auction plan "opera image" and "Guangzhou image" and other topics), and in the academic level has achieved remarkable results in two aspects: first, from the static the scenery, architecture, portrait, regional style to dynamic historical events, historical figures, the auction catalogue became the historical image reference; secondly, the author found the image of many seemingly not the Lord, to fill the gaps in the history of early Chinese photography. Now Huachen spring auction in image photos, 400 thousand yuan to the hammer price won the audience’s high is a group of 40 shots in 1865 and 1866, "early China theme historical photos", the author is a famous French photographer Paul · chanpion, 150 years ago, he had come to the Far East Chinese acquisition animal and plant specimens, and he brought back photographs and specimens in 1867 Paris World Expo won the bronze medal. Classic works to become the mainstream of the market, of course, the mainstream image collection market is not an old photo, but the image of the classic works of history. As the image of Shanghai art fair art director Alexander · spa Rui pointed out:".相关的主题文章: