Qinyang sixtieth old three years to save 2000 yuan back to Huo Leifeng Street diqua

Qinyang sixtieth old three years to save 2000 yuan street to the elderly and living Lei Feng Zhang Junxia. Reporter Guo Changxiu correspondent Deng Xiao Fang Ventura on November 5th, Qinyang volunteers in the focal 100 Life Plaza held a "warm winter" donate clothes, Zhang Junxia as volunteer representatives, busily finishing enthusiastic people brought cotton padded clothes, quilt. At this time, a 66 year old woman had a hand Roasted Chicken, hand pulled out a wad of money from his pocket and gave her a hard fortress. Two people Tuirang each other, causing onlookers. What’s going on here? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the old lady’s daughter Xiao Yan, she told reporters that the money is the mother of three year wish in my heart. To help the old lady to go home, but the niece of Iphone lost the old lady named Zhang Peie, his wife is ill in 2013 the people’s Hospital of Qinyang, she was at the hospital, and Zhang Junxia’s mother lived in a ward. After several days together, become familiar with each other. Zhang Peie’s wife was discharged early, because of the distance, travel inconvenience, Zhang Junxia and niece decided to drive them back to the home Baixiang Wang Zhendong village. At home, the old lady warm greeting Zhang Junxia to the room. 5 minutes later, Zhang Junxia’s niece suddenly remembered, because of the rush to help get luggage, he just bought Apple phone forgot in the car cover. The girl went out looking for her, but the phone was gone. Save two thousand yuan for three years, the old lady street back to Lei Feng Zhang Junxia told reporters, feeling sorry for second days, her niece, niece to buy a new mobile phone. After that, the old lady also took the initiative to find Zhang Junxia, give her some local products. Three years later, the old lady suddenly proposed to pay back the money, this let Zhang Junxia very surprised. "Her wife is sick, the family is not well-off. I’m sure I don’t want the money." Zhang Junxia said. However, the old lady said, "I know that this money is not enough, but you do not take this two thousand yuan, I feel bad." Many people donate clothes in the scene, the scene moved, for the behavior of the elderly "praise", Zhang Junxia took the old man’s hand and said: "you don’t miss the money to keep a good body, meditation." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter linked to the old lady’s daughter Xiao Yan, she told reporters, in 3 years, the mother has been linked to holding this thing. This year after the harvest, the mother house to sell corn, plus the 3 years she saved a total of two thousand yuan. Zhang Junxia said the old lady with the money, the money is her wish.相关的主题文章: