Psychology of love and marriage married to master the 6 Secrets tied to the hearts of men (Figure) noreply

Love and marriage Psychology: after marriage to master the 6 Secrets tied to a man’s heart (Figure) married to master the 6 Secrets tied to the heart of a man who is easy to get tired of the new old, it is because the old things lost the attraction, lost freshness. Want to seize her husband’s heart, to avoid when a defeated yellow face, you have to know how to dig their own charm. Consider the following points, when the victorious generals in marriage. One is not to become a mysterious area into a tourist area of men, and to become a man’s exploration zone. In love, go to bed early break up early. In statistical analysis, couples who go to bed when they are married are more likely to be married. It has been said that a woman will not let a man look at the mysterious area of his life, only to allow men to explore in the dark, because the more men think, the more can not, every time there is passion. It’s easy to sleep with the light on, and it’s easy for a man to go straight into the back garden when he is on the path of light. Two is the woman does not let the man use the set to look at you. In the dress on the appropriate fashion, sexy, this will give men in the visual to change, women should know how to learn, know how to change, know how to tolerate, understand the variable and the same, understand the art of emotion. In life, ideas, attitudes towards things, and so on, there are constantly changing, which will make men feel that you must give more attention, otherwise, you can not keep up with the changes. Women to understand the taste, to be healthy for the United States, such a woman, it is easy for men to see her glory. Less for the planarization of the woman, more levels, there must be more than the characteristics, but also more emotional and observability. Three is not blindly informed of the intention, but also the principle. Knowing the meaning can make a man feel intimate, if it will only know the meaning, or even impose tolerance, it will form connivance, it will let the man too assured, but do not know how to cherish. Eileen Chang told her aunt, she can write, can compose and perform military exercises, Wu Na xiedi. The contemporary woman, but also to the article can compose and perform military exercises, to deter men as fair as jade, wu. Women rely on men to deter the principle of attitude on the issue of principle, it will make the lower half of men have red line, the concept of the bottom line. Four is to let a man know you are not no one to. In marriage, both men and women are prone to jealousy, especially third more advantages than you. Man or woman is jealous psychology, may produce two effects: one is worried about you, and bring to your physical and mental torment. A man may have a narrow mind, domestic violence, this is because the personality defects lead to problems. Two is for others, it is possible to change the perspective, know that one thing is too easy to lose, you have to grip tightly. By applying this law, must pay attention to, be just a psychological effect, and sometimes can not violate the rule of trust. You are a man of principle, but this and others love you, pursue you are two different things, if these appear together, bring negative effect is yours. The five is to have a centering moment of adversity and romantic memories of the moment. The centering moment of adversity, a man may be moved, most likely this time is for ever and ever. The memory of a romantic moment is a measure of your emotional level..相关的主题文章: