Property staff monthly salary exceeds 7 million NT higher than Dr.-barcarolle

"Property" staff monthly salary exceeds 7 million NT higher than the original title: "Dr. Taiwan will submit a monthly salary of 73 thousand recruits about high doctor and civil servants in new network on 31 October, according to Taiwan’s" United Evening News "reported that Taiwan’s Executive Yuan improper Property Committee" for next year’s budget has been allocated 55 million 520 thousand yuan (NT, the same below), personnel costs accounted for 27 million 580 thousand yuan, accounting for almost half of the annual budget of the organs of the dispute. The "Legislative Yuan" budget assessment report pointed out that the "property of" conversion contract workers a monthly salary of 73000 yuan, higher than the civil servants. Hired staff budget posts 18 people, more than 15 people in the upper limit, the so-called report bonus of $3 million, there is no standard. "The improper Party committee" for next year’s budget, the end of August sent to the Legislative Yuan, the KMT legislators questioned under floating budget, KMT policies CEO Cai Zhengyuan said about each employee a monthly salary of 73 thousand yuan, higher than the average of PhD graduates, there is improper compensation committee. When the "party" claimed that no one staff salary reached 73 thousand yuan. Issued the "Legislative Yuan" "property" budget assessment report pointed out that the "property" of employees next year budget 15 million 849 thousand yuan, 18 employees annual salary, excluding year-end bonuses, overtime and Lao Jianbao, the average annual salary of 880 thousand and 500 yuan, is a monthly salary of 73375 yuan, the personnel budget is wide column too. The assessment report said, part of staff salary, than have master’s degree or above level two pass through the college entrance examination, practical training of civil servants salary 49145 yuan, much higher. Evaluation report pointed out that the "property of" staff budget personnel 18 people, has exceeded the organizational rules set by the 15 limit, should reduce the column. Hire personnel without examination and related training, in order to avoid the system of personnel responsible for the implementation of the policy investigation, destruction of civil service system, if often belong to the long-term business, the formal establishment of public servants shall be handled legally. The party and its accompanying improper organization obtaining Property Disposal Ordinance, has denounced the assets of improper reward provisions, "property" next year restated 3 million bonus report. The "Legislative Yuan" of the budget assessment report, compiled bonus 3 million yuan, the lack of incentive conditions, payment standard and evaluation benchmark should be listed as soon as possible to complete the regulations, rulemaking procedure. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: