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Outdoors In planning your wedding you wanted to have the ceremony and the reception out of doors. The planned date is in the summer so the weather should be perfect. But as we all know weather is unpredictable at best and perhaps it might rain. That would be a disaster so you are thinking of looking into a portable canopy tent. In your search you will see many types, styles, sizes and different material. There are tents that are suitable for 8 to 10 people. You will not get wet if it rains and the sun will not fry you. These portable tents are easy to put up and when looking at the portability some weigh just a little over 50 pounds and when folder they are under 63 inches. When choosing a portable one you must be very aware of the size. Some larger 10 X 20 tents come in a variety of colors and are constructed from 500 denier waterproof polyester. These are also very easy to set up and simply will pop up in less than 5 minutes. There are telescoping legs in order for you to attain the correct height so people do not hit their heads on the top. Large ones are available for a large group and yet they are still portable. Some of the tents come in interesting shapes such as hexagon, rectangular, or square. No particular tools are needed in the fast and simple set up. On some canopies it is possible to convert it to a real tent in moments. These canopies will add appeal to your special event. If you are enjoying a party in your garden or a beach party these are perfect. A beautiful canopy tent will make every event special. The canopy is a great idea for your wedding and it is time to find the correct size. Small weddings can be a delight by using one of the small canopies for the ceremony with others placed close to the tent where the wedding is held. The tents can then be reorganized by placing them one beside the other for the reception. About the Author: By: Vaishali Mishra – Journey to any foreign land all by itself is a whole new experience has its own perks. Commuting not only enables any tourists with kind of zeal and zest that that is unknown to many of them because travelling makes any person very much comfortable in their … By: Vaishali Mishra – Adventurous trips are becoming very much popular among the travelers who not only want to enjoy nature and its elements but also want to be the part of their energy and dynamism feel the vigorous and complexity behold by Mother Nature. By: Vaishali Mishra – Goa is a very rare combination of old and new culture and tradition joining two different worlds created by travelers or in other word those who decide to live and became the part of this state bring their culture and beliefs and but eccentrically it retain … By: JacobliSmith – The last few days were full of decisions, controversies, funny videos going viral on social media and the people of the city talking about the practicality of the decisions that Delhi Government has taken recently. New Year will be the time for the implemen … By: George Methew – You must have experienced those jerks while driving over speed breakers on roads. And you must have cursed the people who built them up there on main roads and inside localities. Ever thought they so silently do their job, and at the same time get curse … By: George Methew – Youre in the purchase department. Your job is to stay updated about whats needed in the company and get that thing (s). By: George Methew – The numbers of cards in the capital are increasing at an astronomical pace. Same is the case with two-wheelers and buses. Though metro has eased traffic burden woes of the capital – Delhites are increasingly buying their own vehicles. By: Lovely Padrelos – Simple tips and tricks to help you maintain your perfect skin before heading for a summer vacation on the Hamptons. By: GoodContent – ANYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR DAY OUTDOORS ALL ONLINE. WHETHER IT BE CAMPING, FISHING OR ALL SEASON SPORTS GEAR– WE HAVE IT! LET US TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR OUTDOOR NEEDS FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. By: sinuse – Marrakesh is hot right now in more ways than one. TripAdvisor recently released a list of the most popular travel destinations in the world. From millions of user reviews, Marrakesh emerged as the top destination for 2015. Unsurprisingly, this has led t … 相关的主题文章: