Pitt 19 days to know the divorce scandal, even suspected Julie set up a Bureau-running man 20130908

19 days before Peter told to divorce scandal even burst suspected Julie manages Julie, Pete and the children Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood couple Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt), Angelina Julie (Angelina Jolie) confirmed that the divorce reason is "family health", leading to speculation the truth behind. There is news that eating together small cloth film actress, Julie hired a private detective to capture; but another argument is that this news is actually the woman’s own spread, is to let everyone think is the wrong man. According to the "Daily Mail" reported that Angelina – Julie has been looking for a good lawyer team, active in Losangeles ready to divorce, is suspected of "false news" operation of public opinion, trying to let the public think the man is wrong. Informed sources pointed out that the small cloth had respect for Julie is the mother of the child, so I want to deal with the problem peacefully, but in the past 24 hours, about his alcoholism, cough medicine, mistress sudden news everywhere, suspected by Julie’s legal team out, let him feel very unhappy, but as far as possible please don’t call the people around. In addition, according to the "Us Weekly" report, the original small cloth with the family trip to London this weekend, but on the 19 day trip was canceled, and Julie divorce documents, the man received the message of time only 1 days earlier than the media. After the news broke, he said in a statement: "I’m very sorry, but now the most important thing is our children’s peace, my sincere, please give them a little space, this is what they deserve in this difficult time." The ETtoday hot news: Shanghai housing prices increased by an average of 14 times the price of New York will rise next year or the second birth of twins, a family of seven living in 43 square meters of ordinary public houses by former teammate Chelsea Ba iron waist Pro Cheng consider joining Super Shanghai 100 owners 3 days and 3 nights queuing in the rain to 3 thousand generation cattle grab parking row husband shot for the mobile phone under the evidence of cheating wife fell downstairs and death (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai today afternoon local showers or return to 30 DEG C temperature next Tuesday

皮特19日才知要离婚 丑闻连爆疑朱莉设局 朱莉、皮特与孩子们   新浪娱乐讯 据台湾媒体报道,好莱坞夫妻档布拉德-皮特(Brad Pitt)、安吉丽娜-朱莉(Angelina Jolie)证实离婚,女方表明理由是“为了家庭的健康”,引发外界猜测背后真相。有消息指出,小布偷吃一起拍片的女星,被朱莉聘用的私人侦探抓包;但另有一说法是,这个消息其实根本是女方自己传出,就是要让大家觉得是男方的错。   据《每日邮报》报导,安吉丽娜-朱莉已找好律师团队,在洛杉矶积极淮备离婚事宜,却被怀疑“放假消息”操作舆论,试图让外界觉得是男方的错。知情人士指出,小布本来还尊重朱莉是孩子的母亲,所以想要和平地处理问题,但在过去的24小时当中,关于他酗酒、咳药、有小三的消息突然满天飞,疑似由朱莉的律师团队放出,让他感到非常不高兴,但还是尽可能请身边的人不出恶言。   此外,据《Us Weekly》报导,小布原订周末带全家人去伦敦旅行,但这个行程在19日临时取消,同时朱莉就提出离婚文件,男方收到消息的时间只比媒体早1天。消息爆出后,他发表声明:“我对此感到非常难过,但现在最重要的是我们的孩子的安宁,我诚垦地请大家给他们一点空间,这是他们在这艰困时间里应得的。”ETtoday 文   热点新闻:   上海房价年均增幅是纽约14倍 明年成交价或将上升   二胎诞下龙凤胎 一家七口住43平方米普通公房   登巴巴前队友 切尔西铁腰亲承考虑加盟中超   沪百名业主冒雨排队3天3夜抢车位 黄牛代排要3千   丈夫拍下出轨证据 妻子争夺其手机摔下楼死亡(图)   天气预报:   申城今日午后局部有阵雨 下周二气温或重回30℃相关的主题文章: