Pirn Winder, Coning Machine, Tfo Machine-autobots

Business Pirns are used on the end of feed shuttles, it is basically a quill/reed on which a yarn or thread is wound. Pirn winding machines are employed in rolling the thread over the pirn and various types of pirn winders are available in market which is utilized as per the winding efficiency of the machine. Pirn winder is used for winding cotton filament yarn, polyethylene fiber yarn, terry cot yarn, silk, woollen yarn, nylon terry line and many other types of threads or yarns. The general operation of the pirn winder involves an empty pirn depending on its size is mounted on an adjustable magazine and its dimensions are adjusted, after this the rotating pirn is held between the carriers and again adjusted by moving slipper box. Next the diameter of the pirn is adjusted using the regular wheel placed above the spindle box on its left. After this adjustment process the cones on which yarn is wound is placed on a platform above the pirn winder and the yarns are then unwounded from the cones. This yarn passes through tension device, stops the motion eyes and also the yarn guide and further winds on the pirn mounted on to the device. In automatic machines the pirn is changed automatically when required length of yarn is wound on the pirn placed. Pirn winder stops automatically if the yarn breakage occurs while the winding process. Cone shaped cardboard or plastic .ponents are used to wind large quantities of yarn on it and is supplied in bulk to various textile industries as per the requirement. Almost all types of yarn are wound over these types of cone and is called yarn cone. The device used for winding yarn on cone is Coning machine. This device is equipped with .puterized measuring apparatus, thread break auto stop device, splicer, drum frame, empty bobbin conveyor having an endless belt, winding speed adjustment device, wax or oil applicator device, thread frame, hopper and yarn length counter having full package stop motion function in it. The yarn is wound on cones in a particular diameter and this diameter can be adjusted in the coning machine. TFO machines are also utilized in textile manufacturing like the above mentioned machineries. It is used for twisting of yarns and developing twines of various diameters. Spindles placed on the machine rotate on an adjusted speed and these results in the twisting of yarn on the cone placed. Textile manufacturing industry makes used of all these devices for the development of different types of fibers available in the yarn, and these yarns are used to produce fabric and later utilised in the textile industry. Pirn Winder, Coning Machine and TFO Machine are used for the spinning process of yarns or threads used in textiles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: