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The Philippine President’s speech attitude toward China China Ambassador immediately smiled swing – Sohu military channel according to Philippines’s "Daily Inquirer" reported on August 29th, the president of Philippines Duthel Te 29, personally requested Chinese ambassador Zhao Jianhua, allowing Philippines fishermen in the controversial "West Philippines sea" (September 5, 2012, Philippines’s former President Aquino signed a presidential executive order. Put on the west side of the South China Sea Islands of Philippines named "Philippines West Sea" — the observer network note) fishing. "I want to Chinese Philippines at heart. I hope you see us as brothers and not the enemy, take care of our difficulties." Duthel Te said in a speech on Philippines’s national hero day. At that time, Zhao Jianhua sat down. It is understood that the last Monday of August each year for the Philippines national hero day to commemorate all the famous or nameless national hero, against the colonial rule of spain. 2016 Philippines national heroes day for the year August 29th. Duthel Te reiterated bilateral talks with China’s wishes, but he also stressed that not despise the International Court of arbitration of the Philippines favorable judgment on the South China Sea dispute. "Mr. ambassador, I no longer take this move, this will only interrupt and China dialogue, this is not what a good thing. So, I propose that we all have a soft landing in every respect." Then, Walter Schmidt, says he will eventually have to discuss a matter with China arbitration. "Now, I won’t arbitration Guazaizuibian, but one day, I will be your representative or your own face, completely bright my position." In addition, Duthel Te said once again that the war will not happen with china. However, this time, but in a slightly joking tone. "I just want to tell you, Mr. ambassador, right now, maybe we have to take some time to strengthen our forces." Then a, it attracted a hearty laugh. Then he turned to be serious, and said peace rather than war. "I’m not going to the battlefield. War or peace is not the world. If I’m not ready to go into battle, peace is the only option." In this regard, Zhao Jianhua did not respond to specific words, but with a smile. In fact, not only is this speech, Duthel Te on the Chinese attitude in the "war" and "and" rocking back and forth, even recent conversation, is always in between the two extremes of wave swing. According to the observer network previously reported, Duthel Te claimed that he would not be stupid to declare war with china. But soon, he was tough again. 26 this month, with Zhao Jianhua an hour long meeting, Walter also said the statement, Philippine bilateral dialogue in the arbitration results within. He even predicted that once the negotiations collapsed, he will go to the battlefield. This seems to imply a need to revise previous analysts’ judgments on Duthel Te’s foreign policy. The comment says, Walter and traditional allies of the United States and the choice is lopsided, Chinese closer to. "Font" may be more accurate description of Duthel Te’s diplomatic strategy. The South China sea.相关的主题文章: