Philippine media said the fishermen can return to Huangyan Island fishing has not Chinese coast guar-kasey chase

Philippine media said the fishermen can return to Huangyan Island fishing has not Chinese coast guard ship intercept – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent Chen Yan] "Philippines fishermen returning to the island of Huangyan, not China, blocked the news 28 days caused a number of media attention in Philippines. The Philippines "Rappler" website said 28 days, the Philippine presidential palace said on that day, President Duthel Te’s visit to China a few days later, China police no longer seems to stop Philippines fishermen to Huangyan island. The Philippine presidential spokesman, Bella said, "in the past 3 days, the island of Huangyan not see China coast guard ship, Philippine fishing boats will no longer be intercepted, they can now fishing in the region". Philippines defense minister Loren Za Na also confirmed, "3 days, no Chinese or navy coast guard ship appeared in the Huang Yandao area, we can now enter the sea fishermen". "Philippines Daily Inquirer" said 28 days, the fishermen from Philippines Zambales province 26 days into the Huangyan island waters, has not been Chinese police blocked. Philippines fishing boat captain Aniceto said, we received radio information, some fishermen have been able to enter the waters of the island of Huangyan". Another fisherman, David Robert, said that while their counterparts were close to the island of Huangyan, Chinese patrol boats were close to the fishing boats, but "surprisingly, they were not driven away."". Philippines ABS-CBN news network 28, said that in 2012, China banned Philippines fishermen fishing in Huangyan island area. The center for strategic and international studies Asia maritime transparency initiative report issued by the South China Sea, the arbitration results after the introduction of Chinese ships near the island of Huangyan is becoming more and more serious, the satellite images show that from the beginning of September, there appeared in the Philippines ship near the island of Huangyan. However, Philippine President Duthel Te said last week after returning to China, Philippines fishermen will soon be able to catch the island of Huangyan. For Philippines to return to the Huangyan island waters fishing fishing reports, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang 28, said at a regular press conference, Yiduteerte president’s visit marked the overall improvement in the current Philippine relations. In such a situation, the two sides to return to consultation and control differences, focusing on cooperation is entirely possible. During President Duthel Te’s visit to China, the two sides discussed the issue of fisheries cooperation in the South China Sea, including cooperation in the fisheries industry. The two sides maintained communication.相关的主题文章: