Personal information on the Internet free sale of ” big data ” when the cover is il lightscape

Personal information online free to the public sale of   " " data; when under the guise of illegal media — original title: 10 Fen can buy ten personal information recently, Tsinghua teacher cheated more than 1700 yuan, prospective students Xu Yuyu cheated tuition sad degree down fraud cases occur frequently, and obtain the liar so accurate personal information from where, has become the focus of public concern. The reporter found that before the investigation, on the social networking site, data exchange platform, selling personal information of the scene is still everywhere, even 1 cents can buy 10 mobile phone number, detailed address containing personal information. Personal information on the Internet through public search open hand data first-hand data and other keywords, the reporter found a number of chat groups on the internet. Many of the group name for the data information trading, students, owners, owners of data information transactions, these people make clear that the key words in the group announcements. Some relatively obscure, "flaunts first-hand information transfer transactions, personal information data is actually contains privacy information, covering all areas of people, students, teachers, owners etc.. Reporter contacted one of the sellers, the remarks on the sales owner information". When you want to buy "student information", the seller immediately sell: "each student information, including name, address, telephone, documents, schools, classes, parents and parents of the phone, the region can be selected." More than this store, the reporter then contacted a number of sellers have also said that they can be divided into regions, age to provide the required personal information. Student data, for example, the students of the school time, ID number, parents name everything. Even more frightening is that these sellers also claimed to provide long-term service. That is to say, the new goods, the seller will promptly notify the buyer. Surprisingly, the information is often beyond the imagination of low price. Asked a number of sellers, the price is generally less than 1 cents, and the amount of concessions". According to the sale of the owner of the information, the seller, the 2000 student information to sell 100 yuan, while the sale of the 100 thousand information of $1200, equivalent to 10 student information is only sold for 1 hair. Reporters pay 100 yuan to buy the information of the 2000 Beijing citizens, randomly selected a number of people in the list and call their phone to confirm the authenticity. After the call, most of the information was sold to the people were shocked to find that their names, addresses and other information has been accurately mastered, but also sold to the hands of others. A seller to play "the sting" in most information reselling chain, these were sold out of personal privacy information, is often used for containing harassment nature of "precision marketing", or simply for fraud. However, when people want to sell through the illegal purchase of personal privacy, harassment and deception, maybe "come home shorn", encounter information dealer "sting". When a reporter tried to buy from a dealer in the Beijing area student information, many sellers have said that due to avoid the problem of early disclosure, can not provide sample data". )相关的主题文章: