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Health Treat Yourself Today with an i-Joy Massage Chair. Enjoy all four primary massage techniques recommended by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists: therapeutic compression, rolling, sdeep kneading and tapping. Human Touch Technology actually simulates the movements of a trained, massage therapist. These i-Joy massage chairs feature three automatic programs: full massage over your entire back, upper back or lower back. You can also customize your massage to exactly where you need it most. Every Feature of the i-Joy Chair is geared toward increasing comfort. The iJoy user is presented with a futuristic control panel built flush into the curved, padded armrest. Press a button and, in Auto mode, you’ll experience a blend of all four massage therapies in one continuous 15-minute program that travels all up and down your spine, in full, or can be focused on the Upper or Lower back. In the customizing Manual mode, you can position the rollers to apply the exact kind of massage desired on the exact spot you want. The i-Joy chair’s backrest reclines from 110 to 155 degrees. And include a wired remote controller and feature an adjustable pillow and massage softening pad for a gentler massage. This i-Joy massage chair weighs 86 lbs. and can easily be moved on rear wheels. It features a child safety lock, with chair made of easy-care brushed velour and nylon. It is the highly recommended and most popular massage chair today. The i-Joy Massage Chair like our other massage chair models is manufactured by the world’s largest massage robotics company. Its quadrant of "Human Touch" robotic massage rollers accurately replicates the four primary techniques used by therapists and chiropractic professionals: smooth Rolling, deep Kneading, Percussion tapping and therapeutic Compression. The same robotic massage preferred by the prestigious American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. So many types of iJoy massage chairs are already developed, with various features and amenities. So, along with listening to music through the speakers in the headrest and powered subwoofer in the base, you also get a massage from the Human Touch Technology Robotic Massage, with Rolling, deep Kneading, tapping Percussion and therapeutic Compression. Heaven. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: