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One week after the menstrual period to lose weight — best Health Channel – original title: menstruation after one week following the "best weight-loss diet for 21 days" and "NFAM diet", and a way to lose weight "new period diet" in young women quickly hot up. Many readers to the 309th Hospital of PLA (PLA General Hospital) this new topic nutrition director Zuo Xiaoxia consulting. What is the "energy-saving"? On the network that different phases is each one sticks to his argument. Zuo Xiaoxia pointed out that if you will contact the physiological cycle of menstruating women with weight loss phase, which play a role in the menstrual period and the period after the end of the week, the rest of the weight loss and the menstrual cycle and not much correlation. Zuo Xiaoxia explained that the menstrual period of women fat ability higher than usual 10%~20% combustion, the period after the end of the week, women’s mood is more stable, the body also significantly accelerated the speed of The new supersedes the old., weight loss is most needed to grasp the time, can be called the best time. Good use of this period, can achieve a multiplier effect. Can consider some of the more powerful ways such as swimming, running, aerobics, etc.. However, the fat is only 40 minutes after we exercise gradually began to burn, so it takes a lot of persistence and perseverance to see the effect. Menstrual body may be weak, temper is short, the diet should be light, nutritious, can appropriately increase the Qi and blood of the food; you can choose to walk after dinner more gentle exercise three days before menstruation. To avoid or eat cold food, "here not only includes cold temperature, cold food, such as watermelon and ice in summer autumn crabs, menstruating women must not only seek the taste." But director Zuo Xiaoxia also reminded the beauty of women, whether a weight-loss method was bragging about how it can possibly be as if it were raining flowers, for everyone, we still have to find the most suitable way to hold the mouth and taking the legs, is the key to weight loss. In addition, weight loss should also control the speed, should not blindly seek fast. "There was a patient who proudly told me that she had lost more than ten pounds a month. I told her that it’s not healthy to lose weight. Rapid weight loss is likely to cause a decline in metabolic rate, affecting gastrointestinal function, decreased resistance, irregular menstruation, etc.. All of a sudden reduced too much, people will be disturbed in all aspects of the body. I personally think that a month to reduce 4 to 6 pounds is relatively healthy weight loss." (right: Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: